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Charleston Forge Announces Partnership with Lauren Nicole Designs

Lauren Clement of Lauren Nicole Designs to launch a licensed collection for Charleston Forge, including products for both residential and hospitality divisions.

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Lauren Nicole Designs
Lauren Nicole Designs

For over 35 years, Charleston Forge has created timeless hand-crafted furniture in Boone, North Carolina and is excited to announce a new licensed designer collection with Lauren Clement, Founder and Principal of Lauren Nicole Designs, to be launched at High Point Market in April of 2021.

Clement is making a name for herself as an interior designer specializing in home renovations and new builds, so it is no surprise that Charleston Forge sought after Lauren’s expertise to develop new product divisions for their line including cocktail carts, bathroom vanities, and more.  

Both North Carolina-based companies take great pride in their roots, thus forming a relationship with one another was a seamless and natural fit. Clement has served as a brand ambassador for Charleston Forge over the past year and has launched a short video series with Charleston Forge product designer, Wilson Keel, titled “The Long and Short of It”.  

"Charleston Forge 'met' Lauren Clement back in October of 2019. We knew immediately that Lauren was someone that we would like to work with in some capacity," recalls Dan Minor, President of Charleston Forge. "Since that time, we have done a seminar in Charlotte as well as recorded a podcast and walkthrough at High Point Market to show off our new product offering. This relationship led naturally into product development leveraging Lauren’s design capabilities and name recognition. Lauren brings a fresh new design perspective that we are thrilled to help create.” 

Charleston Forge prides themselves in offering customization options for their customers. This promise sparked Clement’s creative mindset in 2019, when she found herself looking for a particular product that she could not find elsewhere. Clement worked alongside Minor in explaining her thought process and the Charleston Forge team expertly crafted and executed her vision. Since this experience, every time Clement is sourcing products and cannot quite find what she wants, she thinks back to Charleston Forge and their endless capabilities. 

“The partnership with Charleston Forge has proved to be a natural fit as I find myself quickly becoming an advocate for their brand,” says Clement. “I run a small business with the help of my mother and it is important for me to know the friendly faces behind a brand. I’ve enjoyed frequent trips to the factory in Boone where I even tested my hand in forging metal. I am truly honored to be working closely with the Charleston Forge team on this collection and am looking forward to seeing the brand continue to break into the kitchen and bath industry with new product introductions.”  

The Lauren Nicole Designs for Charleston Forge line combines Clement’s love for all things equestrian and natural with Charleston Forge’s signature craftsmanship and luxury materials. When browsing the collection, you’ll notice inspiration from Clement’s time spent on the saddle and many hours in the barn. Clement’s keen eye for design and functionality paired with Charleston Forge’s promise to create quality, timeless pieces is an exceptional combination. 

The Lauren Nicole Designs for Charleston Forge Collection will include a variety of product to be used in both residential and hospitality divisions. The full line will be on display within the Charleston Forge showroom in High Point, N.C. (311 N. Hamilton St., 2nd Floor).  

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