Classy Art Signs 5-Year Deal With Centers of High Point

The company will remain at the newly renovated space in Suite 114 of the Hamilton building.

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Classy Art today announced it has reached a five-year deal with Centers of High Point at the High Point Market.

In 2016, Classy Art moved to the Hamilton building (401 S. Hamilton) in Suite 114. With two years of successful markets and market kick-off parties, Classy Art and Centers of High Point have reached an agreement that will keep the momentum growing in the very same location.

This showroom underwent some serious renovations since the last market in April. A large portion of the floor needed to be replaced and the showroom was completely disassembled to allow for this improvement. A team of their staff is headed to High Point next week to begin the setup process. The company said that they will be making some changes to the showroom but guarantees it will be 100 percent operational by start of market.

“We’re very happy to remain partnered with Centers of High Point and their amazing staff,” says Gabriel Cohen, President and co-owner. “This move proved to be a game changer for our company a couple of years ago and we are excited to continue our growth here in this location for the next five years! I invite everyone to come and visit our newly renovated showroom.”   

“We are proud that Classy Art has extended their stay with us here at the Centers of High Point. They are not just a tenant but family and we couldn’t be happier,” says Elaine Crowell, executive with Centers of High Point. “They bring life and excitement to our complex as well as the High Point Market with their product, promotions and buzz-worthy events they host every market.”

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