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CRM Data Targeting: Increase Conversions and Engagement

Combining site visitor history with customer data from the customer’s interactions with the company to increase conversions.

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CRM data targeting

CRM data targeting brings together offline and online advertising to produce the digital equivalent of a laser beam: precise ad targeting based on CRM data.

What’s the Difference Between CRM Data Targeting and Retargeting?

Retargeting matches ads to a website visitor’s browsing history so that they see ads from sites they’ve visited. This enables a company’s ads to “follow” potential customers after they’ve visited their site. 

CRM data targeting takes this a step further by using the information they have on their customers that is stored in their CRM system to align ads with interests. It combines both site visitor history (retargeting) with customer data from the customer’s interactions with the company (CRM). 

Why Use CRM Data Targeting?

In ye olden days (i.e., before the internet), marketers used data from customer databases to match interests with advertisements. Direct marketers, for example, would scout magazine data sheets to find interests that aligned with their products, then send catalogs or direct mail advertisements that roughly corresponded to user interests. The problem with this is that a generalized interest may or may not match the products being sold. 

Enter the digital age in which your every move online is tracked in some way. Although it sounds creepy in a Big Brother-ish type way, it’s actually quite helpful. The data collected on one site can be used across multiple channels.

CRM data targeting uses the best of both worlds: your customers’ history found in your CRM and their current browsing history. Aligning both sets of data can result in highly targeted ads and content that supports branding, acquisition and retention. 

Digital Footprint, Digital Fingerprints

CRM data targeting brings targeting from the general (anonymous user has visited a website) to the specific (“Did you forget something in your cart, Susan?”). It allows you to know customers for better marketing, communications and services, and advertise to them to push products out the door.

Get Started Today

Want to get started in CRM data targeting? We can create an effective campaign to help you maximize your CRM data and make the most of your retargeting ads online. It’s both an art and a science. Fortunately, we’ve majored in both. 

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