Integrated Strategies – Effective Multi-Channel Marketing

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Multichannel marketing

By now you can see that there are many ways to promote and advertise your business that reach well beyond email marketing. The right combination of advertising tactics can increase your sales and leads more than a single tactic, such as email marketing.

Components of an Integrated Marketing Campaign

An integrated marketing campaign begins with the customers you’re trying to reach and then selects channels and messages that match customer interests. So instead of thinking, “We need to send an email blast out on Mondays,” companies conducting integrated campaigns start by considering, “Who is our customer? Which segment should we connect with this week?” and build from there. 

Ask yourself: 

  1. Who are we targeting? Who are my customers? Identify the demographic profile of your best customers and use that profile to build digital marketing campaigns on social media, retargeting syndicates and more.
  2. What do they want? Match your customers’ wants, needs and desires with products and services that you are selling. The better the match, the more chances you have to make a sale. 
  3. Where can I find them? Instead of thinking about the tactics or channels you have available to reach these customers, consider where they find their information online. Are they surfing the net, visiting related websites, checking their social media accounts or perhaps all three? A multi-channel approach that encompasses social sponsored posts, retargeting, CRM targeting and more enables you to boost brand awareness, generate site traffic and transform site visitors into purchases.


Social sponsored posts begin by building brand awareness, engaging with customers while they are visiting their favorite social media platforms and encouraging likes and clicks on ads. Once they click on the link and visit your site, if they don’t purchase something right away, cookies dropped onto their browser through retargeting enables you to continue building brand awareness and showcasing your ads through advertising syndicates in which you participate. Add CRM targeting onto that, and you can showcase customized ads to people based on their interests and purchasing habits. 

Altogether, this combination of demographic targeting, interest targeting and repetition builds a powerful marketing campaign that reaches new audiences to acquire customers. You will convert viewers to leads, gain additional marketing data and insights from lead capture forms and collect additional information to use for future marketing.

Ready to Start?

It is this combination of scientific, data-driven marketing with exceptional creative design and copywriting that makes ad campaigns work. If you’re stuck in an email rut and only sending email blasts, you’re missing out on many opportunities to take advantage of data, analytics and powerful digital marketing techniques. 

Not sure where to get started? We can help you achieve your advertising and marketing goals through powerful social sponsored posts, retargeting and CRM targeting. These digital marketing tactics offer measurable, accountable marketing that generates leads and sales. 

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