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Farah Merhi's 5 Steps for a Sanctuary Bedroom with Stacy Garcia

Stacy Garcia talks with Farah Merhi about her easy tricks for creating a bedroom sanctuary.

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Stacy Garcia Farah Merhi Bedroom Sanctuary
Farah Merhi shares 5 steps to a bedroom sanctuary with Stacy Garcia.

Your bedroom is supposed to be your place of zen, a place that rejuvenates you and allows you to remain stress-free. It’s not easy to create this place of zen, so Stacy Garcia talked with Farah Merhi, founder of Inspire Me! Home Decor, about her easy tricks for creating your own personal bedroom sanctuary.

“The bedroom is where you end up every evening after tackling your daily routine,” says Merhi. “As founder of Inspire Me! Home Décor, I get asked this question countless times: ‘How do I create the ultimate bedroom to relax in?’ There are so many ways to design the ultimate dream room for yourself. Color, accent pieces and furniture all ultimately contribute to the final design! Here are my top five design tips to help create your dream sanctuary. These easy tips can be incorporated in any room!”


  1. Wall Paint

Every person has a color they consider soothing. For me personally, light colors can create a relaxing atmosphere to any bedroom. However, if your preferred color is black, white, red or blue, then go for it. Wall paint is important and an easy way to set the tone for any room design. If you choose to go with a darker wall color, either use it as an accent wall or opt for lighter furniture and soft accents to create a balance.  This will avoid overwhelming your senses when walking into your room daily. The goal is to relax in your space.

Farah Mehri, Stacy Garcia, Bedroom Design

2. Bedding

Bedding can elevate your design. In fact, it is considered an extremely important factor in any bedroom design following furniture choice. There are many different options out there for your bedding…options which do not require you to pay too much for bedding sets!  Mix and match your pieces! Not only are you saving money by going that route, but mixing and matching allows you to get creative and your personality will shine through your bedding selection. It also allows you to add your pop of color, should you choose to do so through your accents. My personal favorite way of setting any bed is picking out these four pieces:

1. Quilt

2. Comforter

3. Euro shams or 24 x 24 throw pillows

4. Throw pillows

First I start with a quilt that will cover the whole bed/mattress, I add euro shams or the 24 x 24 throw pillows to cover pillows you sleep on, followed by 20 x 20 throw pillows. The final touch is folding the comforter of your choice into half folds twice and laying at the foot of the bed horizontally. You can easily mix and match patterns and color this way.

Stacy Garcia, Farah Mehri, bedroom sanctuary lighting

3. Lighting

I can’t stress this enough, lighting can set a positive mood in your room. You do not need a light fixture as much as you need table lamps or floor lamps. The simple task of turning on your lamps in the evening creates a warm inviting feel in your room. Add mirrors behind your lamps and over your nightstands. Mirrors will reflect the light and brighten up your space immediately. Placing them above your nightstand adds an interesting design element.

Farah Mehri, Stacy Garcia, Bedroom Design

4. Seating

Whether it’s to watch TV ( if you are one that has added a TV in your bedroom), read a book/magazine or simply to sit back, relax and discuss your day with your significant other, seating allows you to do so before heading to bed. Loveseat, chaise, deep arm chair or a bench, any of these furniture pieces will do the trick. Depending on the space you have and where you plan on placing them, take measurements and splurge on seating solutions that you feel are ideal for your room and lifestyle.

Stacy Garcia, Farah Mehri, bedroom sanctuary accents

5. Accents

A room is never complete without decorative accents. In a bedroom, choose beautiful picture frames that compliment your colors and design style, candles and candle holders, decorative wall art and bowls are just a few examples. Remember, you want to add the final touch but pick wisely as you do so. If you are a candle person who needs to light a candle every once and again to relax, then those are a must. If you like to display family photos, then get creative with your choice of frames. If you like fresh flowers, choose a vase that compliments your room and add fresh flowers when you want. Always remember a good cozy throw blanket to cuddle up in!

Finally, I would like to leave you with an important piece of advice that I tell all of my followers-Enjoy the design process. Don’t let it stress you out. Look at pictures and save designs that catch your eye and use those as added inspiration. You are designing your house and making it into your home, what a blessing that is!  So go out, shop, enjoy and be proud of the final result because you have personalized your space to reflect your taste, style and personality. It’s all about getting creative!


Designer Stacy Garcia
Designer Stacy Garcia focuses on patterns for hospitality and home.

Meet Stacy.

A leader in design, Stacy Garcia has built a global lifestyle brand featuring products with personality. Her designs aim to be inviting and add to the sense of well-being to all who enter a hotel or home.

Stacy strives to inspire designers and design-minded individuals to create distinctive environments that have a positive impact on others. Noted for her bold color combinations and unexpected designs, Stacy Garcia remains a leading innovator in the industry.

The Foundation

Stacy holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Surface Pattern Design from New York’s prestigious Syracuse University and studied Textile Design at Central St. Martins in London.

She began her professional career selecting color palettes and assisting in design and showroom development for Ralph Lauren’s Home Collection “I learned about the art of licensing and lifestyle from one of the masters in the retail world,” says Stacy of this pivotal experience.

Following her work with the iconic brand, Stacy was hired as Senior Designer for Richloom Contract Fabrics, where she directed the textile and pattern design collections for their hospitality division.

Blazes Own Trail

At age 26, Stacy decided to strike out on her own and founded LebaTex, a commercial textile supplier, named after her Great-grandmother, Leba. In 2004, she created the global lifestyle brand, Stacy Garcia. Both companies are headquartered in New York. Today, the Stacy Garcia design house produces designs for textiles, carpeting, wallcoverings, furniture, lighting, pillows and mosaics.

Stacy Garcia offers a complete design story in the hospitality industry. Stacy Garcia branded products can be found in five-star hotels, resorts and residences across the world.

At Home in the World

Taking a global perspective on design comes naturally to Stacy. She was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, to parents who she says, “Spent a little too much time following the Grateful Dead on a motorcycle.” A descendent of German, Russian and Polish immigrants, Stacy is the mother of three boys and a recently adopted Russian daughter, and enjoys traveling with her family.

Connecting Through Design

“At the end of day, design is about wanting to feel connected,” says Stacy. “It’s a form of communication – a language. If you are part of a tribe of people, you feel more connected. I’m inspired by the designers, manufacturers and individuals with whom I work; and I hope to empower others to have the confidence to make their own connections and creations – in design and in life.”

To learn more about Stacy Garcia, visit her blog, life-styled.net or website, stacygarcia.com

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