Farah Mehri

Farah Mehri
Farah Mehri has introduced a new rug collection with Nourison.

Nourison Debuts New Farah Mehri Rug Collection at Las Vegas Market

Nourison will be host a Meet & Greet with Farah Merhi, founder of Inspire Me! Home Decor for the debut of her new area rugs on Monday, January 30, from 10-11am at the Nourison showroom (C112)…
Stacy Garcia Farah Merhi Bedroom Sanctuary
Farah Merhi shares 5 steps to a bedroom sanctuary with Stacy Garcia.

Farah Merhi's 5 Steps for a Sanctuary Bedroom with Stacy Garcia

Your bedroom is supposed to be your place of zen, a place that rejuvenates you and allows you to remain stress-free. It’s not easy to create this place of zen, so Stacy Garcia talked with Farah Merhi…
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