High-Tech Furniture Pieces You Need To Know About

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Sobro smart end table

Contemporary furniture is ever-changing to suit our needs and requirements. These days there are multi-purpose smart couches, transformable study desks and so many other innovative pieces of furniture that are revolutionizing the way that we live. Many of them are even being designed in a unique tech-savvy manner to keep up with the ‘smart’ way of living. Here are high-tech furniture pieces that you need to know about.


Sobro Smart End Table

sobro smart end table
Cool Material

Sleek, smart and retro, the Sobro Smart end table is definitely one of the next-generation furnishings. Not only does it feature a cozily inviting aesthetic, it also boasts a pretty high-tech physique that features the best of all worlds. This end table promises to simplify your life by providing wireless charging, a cooler drawer where you can keep your water bottles chilled and handy, Bluetooth speakers, app controls, LED lights and smart sleep features. Additionally, it connects with both Google and Alexa. 


ReST Bed

reST smart bed
Sleep Emporium

Catching up on your beauty sleep is an essential part of keeping up with day-to-day life in our highly globalized world. However, many suffer from insomnia and sleep disorders, which is why the ReST bed is something of a revelation these days. It’s actually a smart mattress that lets you customize your sleeping arrangements for optimal comfort. The basic gist of its technology is that it automatically adjusts the positioning of the mattress by sensing how you’re lying on it (on your back, on your side, etc.). This shape and pressure profile – better known as sleep data – are stored and updated for the best real-time adjustments.



z island zaha hadid

If you’ve ever felt like your kitchen is outdated, then you’re in for quite a treat with the Z-Island by Zaha Hadid Architects. Featuring a fluid, curvilinear and highly futuristic aesthetic that evokes the ‘space-age’ effect, this kitchen island comprises a main cooking island and a secondary island. The Z-Island has a touch-screen control panel, sound activators, aromatic scent dispensers along with a multimedia entertainment system that will completely revolutionize cooking. It also has heating membranes, LED lights and even an Apple MAC mini that complement its futuristic aesthetics with the right tech. 



Affinity Chair 

affinity chair light up chair
Design Boom

Digital technology and physical objectification collide in the design of the Affinity Chair by Ben Alun-Jones. Inspired from the concept of invisibility, this chair is definitely one-of-a-kind. It explores the “concept of light and space” by using high-tech materials and execution to deliver a truly futuristic furniture design. It emulates its innovative aesthetic through a one-way mirror film, plastic acrylic, LEDs and ultrasonic sensor build. These materials allow it to become one with its environment. The nearer you get to this seat, its interactive ability makes it flash for better visibility to a potential user.


Evolution Collection

Evolution Collection Parker Knoll
Frank Knighton

Camouflaged as plush and luxurious, the Evolution Collection by Parker Knoll comprises a sofa collection that allows you to sit back and enjoy. Not only are these sofas highly comfortable, you can also personalize the way you sit on them by smoothly adjusting your seating position by simply touching a button. There are 27 head-rest settings. There’s also an integrated USB port where you can easily charge your gadgets. Moreover, you can even choose an upholstery of a diverse range of tactile fabrics and Italian leathers.



Pillow HR by Octane Seating

Pillow HR by Octane seating

If you’re into swanky seating that keeps up with the changing times, then you’ll definitely appreciate the Pillow HR easy chairs by Octane Seating. Sleek and highly plush, this smart furniture supports the body from head to toe. The headrest can be easily adjusted with a touch of a button and the pillow comes with LED lights, cupholders, base rails and some power USB charging ports. Moreover, these chairs even have some amazing storage compartments in the arms so you’ll never have to get up to have snacks again. You can even choose the upholstery fabric to suit your tastes.

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