Last Look: Barry Goralnick Brings New York Style South

New York style meets a Florida abode in this bedroom designed by Barry Goralnick.

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Barry Goralnick, Last Look, New York Style, Bedroom Design
This Florida bedroom gets a taste of New York style by designer Barry Goralnick.

Architect and Designer Barry Goralnick brought New York Style to this Florida home, creating a serene yet chic bedroom.

  • Since the owners are transplanted New Yorkers, the concept is “Florida meets Soho loft.” We removed the dated diagonal marble flooring and replaced it with large-scale porcelain tiles. This 24”x 48” flooring from Artistic Tile (Mojave Blue) is industrial, but has a painterly quality. Plus, it feels like you’re walking on water – perfect for a warmer climate. The soft colors set the tone for the primary bedroom/bathroom suite. Dusty blue walls add to the serene feeling.
  • Comfort and ease are key. The fully upholstered bed is neutral, plush, and inviting. All bedding is made from natural fibers, with layers of cotton and linen. Existing traditional skirted chaises were reupholstered for a modern look with exposed legs. Even the leather bench at the end of the bed is cushioned. 


Barry Goralnik
Barry Goralnick. Images: Jason Zeren.


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