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Legrand Introduces Smart Lighting From the Radiant Collection

The collection offers switches and outlets that combine clean design with advanced functionality.

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Woman using Legrand smart lighting switch

Legrand, a global specialist in electrical and network infrastructure solutions, today introduced Smart Lighting from the radiant® collection. Demonstrating Legrand’s continued commitment to improving the ways in which consumers control light and power throughout the home, Smart Lighting from the radiant collection offers switches and outlets that combine clean design with advanced functionality. In partnership with Samsung, Legrand’s Smart Lighting leverages Samsung’s ARTIK services to allow simple connection with existing smart home solutions.

These smart switches, dimmers and outlets can be controlled remotely via the Legrand Smart Lights app or within the home through voice-enabled assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. With comfort at the forefront, homeowners can know their home is secure even when they're away or can activate dim lights to safely navigate the house at night. The app also allows homeowners to control lamps, small appliances and whole-home lighting to conveniently schedule lights or appliances to go on and off automatically. Users can also group lights and create scenes to match a routine — controlling it all from any smart device anywhere.

Smart Lighting from the radiant collection delivers ready-to-use connectivity. The first ever lighting devices to be certified from the industry standard for connected devices, the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), Smart Lighting is designed to seamlessly work with other OCF- certified IoT devices regardless of brand or operating system. This approach to out-of-the-box connectivity is in line with Legrand's commitment to develop products that are open, interoperable and secure.

In partnership with Samsung, Legrand’s Smart Lighting leverages Samsung’s ARTIK cloud services to allow connections with other popular smart home products like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest, Ring and Fitbit to allow consumers to schedule and trigger lights when for instance the Ring doorbell is pressed.

“Smart Lighting represents a move to simplify daily life for all of us and more importantly, puts comfort and safety at the forefront,” said Gerald Connolly, Vice President and General Manager, Pass and Seymour, for Legrand. “Voice control has quickly become the preferred method of control for homeowners. With the capability of connecting smart devices from other manufacturers, homeowners simply speak commands and enable activation of doors, thermostats and lighting for an entire smart home experience.”

With the launch of Legrand’s Eliot program (Electricity + IoT) in 2015, Legrand is accelerating the development of connected products, driving innovation in the space and helping to define industry standards. All products, systems, and services under Legrand’s Eliot program, including Smart Lighting, adhere to critical principles that shape how Legrand is improving innovation in IoT. For more information on Smart Lighting from the radiant® collection, visit www.legrand.us/smartlighting.

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