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Leigh Jones: Contemporary Art Inspires North Carolina Home Design

Designer Leigh Jones showcased one couple's contemporary art collection in their home design. 

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Leigh Jones
Making a grand entrance was a key design element to set the stage for the rest of this contemporary bungalow. Co-contemporary portraits hang against shimmering beaded crystal wallpaper for an element of unexpected luxury in contrast to the local North Carolina pottery.

When Leigh Jones' clients discovered a new love of purchasing contemporary art, she used their new hobby as the inspiration behind this home design. Get a closer look and learn more about the house from Jones below.

Leight Jones
This space sparked my design creativity in terms of layout — there was not enough room for a large seating area, so the banquette seating arrangement was the perfect solution. The contemporary-style wallpaper and folk art turn a small forgotten area of the kitchen into a gathering place for the homeowners. 

When this home was in the development stage, the homeowners became excited about the process after they discovered a budding hobby for purchasing contemporary art. I then was able to use the art as a tool to create an initial vision and keep growing the design plans from there. 

Leigh Jones
The woman of the household enjoys escaping to her own office throughout the day for peace and tranquility. In order to achieve a calming space for focusing and maximum productivity, I pulled in light and airy feminine elements to create a distinct space just for her. The sleek white cabinetry is a functional design solution for storing office supplies. 

Viewing the home from the outside for the first time was exciting because it is not overly fancy or large — I think that can be very interesting and inspiring as a designer. In terms of size, the home does not always have to be grand and extravagant to be beautiful and unique.

Leigh Jones
The homeowners enjoy entertaining and hosting friends and the use of this room (previously a bedroom) was not getting its full function. We decided to turn the unused bedroom into a den that is now used daily. Working with a tight space, I wanted to emphasize clean lines to create the illusion of a spacious den. 

One of my favorite aspects of this project is that almost anyone can imagine themselves living in a home like this. The homeowners love to entertain and walk their guests throughout the house showcasing their collection of art and telling the story behind each piece. That is crucial as a designer, knowing that the client and their guests can see the true reflection of their unique tastes and personal interests in the home design.

Leigh Jones
This lovely accent chair was originally in the den and made its way to the guest room, where it is now positioned below the homeowners’ collection of contemporary art. The art pictured was once displayed in another area of the home, yet the pieces seemed to travel into this newly incorporated bedroom nook. When designing any space, it is important to think about consistency throughout the entire home so that artwork and investment pieces can seamlessly travel from room to room. 

The house is still constantly being tweaked — Upgrading furniture, lighting, landscaping, and more — so it truly is always a work in progress that goes through different stages. What is perhaps one of the most special parts about this project is that this client has been working with me for a long time, it was almost like we were all growing together during the process.

Leigh Jones
It’s always been said that balance is key, but that doesn’t mean balance has to be boring. The details and stories behind the art that sits atop the mantle is definitely special and a conversation-starter.


Leigh Jones
The front porch is a staple for living in North Carolina - from quiet mornings with a cup of coffee, to late evenings spent gathering with friends. An inviting, comfortable atmosphere is created by using earth tones with gold accents. Still contemporary in style, the homeowners understand the importance of connecting the interior and exterior spaces to create a unified home. 


Leigh Jones
In the heart of the home, we wanted to create a contemporary space with a blend of vibrant textures and patterns. Starting with a few key elements that struck the homeowners’ eye, such as a floral needlepoint rug and a piece of contemporary art. I used these elements as the focal point of the living room and layered in additional pieces.


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