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Sarreid Ltd.

Putting Customers First

To ensure a great customer experience, furniture businesses must continually improve their operations. At Sarreid, this means we're in a constant state of evolution. Right now we are focused on maintaining our heavy stocking position in Wilson, NC, in addition to developing five exciting new lifestyle collections for the October High Point Market, while simultaneously hard at work implementing a new look and upgrades to our High Point showroom, catalogs, blog site, advertising and website, sarreid.com.

I invite you to move forward with us and close every sale with confidence, knowing that we've got you covered with statement-making, profit-building designs that can be found nowhere else...except, of course, in our Wilson, NC, warehouse. —Brad Cates, COO

For more from Sarreid, check out the digital catalog here. 

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Sarreid Shares Exclusive Design, In-Stock Strategies
Sarreid Shares Exclusive Design, In-Stock Strategies

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Sarreid COO Brad Cates shared a message with customers.

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