Lighting the Way: Episode 24 - Outstanding Lighting Showroom Merchandising Techniques

In this episode we chat with with Matt Rowan of Dominion Lighting, Showroom of the Year Award winner.

Lighting the Way

In this episode of Lighting the Way, Managing Editor Amy McIntosh spoke with Matt Rowan, Vice President, Residential Lighting, for Dominion Lighting, winner of the 2021 Showroom of the Year Award in the $2-$5 Million category, as well as the Outstanding Merchandising award. Rowan shared his unique path to the lighting industry and how his experience makes him well-suited for the lighting retail environment. He outlined his techniques for revamping Dominion’s showroom and how that impacts the customer experience.

About the Podcast:

Lighting the Way is a podcast from the editors of Furniture, Lighting & Decor magazine, spotlighting the latest innovations in lighting design and technology. Join us twice a month for interviews with lighting industry experts to learn how the industry is moving forward.

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