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A Look into the New Currey & Co./Bunny Williams Collaboration

Currey & Co. Creative Director Cecil Adams and Bunny Williams Home Creative Director Audrey Margarite give us an insider look into the new 15-piece Bunny Williams lighting collection, set to debut at April's High Point Market. 

Nicole Bowling
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How did the Currey and Bunny Williams partnership form?

Cecil Adams: The partnership between Bunny Williams and Currey & Company began as a mutual admiration of each other’s work. We here at Currey certainly appreciated Bunny’s contribution to design in America and her many books about the subject. Bunny utilized Currey product in many of her projects and thought that we could manufacture fixtures that would reflect the quality and taste of her brand. Once we met, we knew that this collaboration would really be a winner.

What was the inspiration for the collection?

Audrey Margarite: Bunny is a designer who is equally adept at designing a beach house or a penthouse, a country getaway or sophisticated pied-a-terre. She is inspired for each project based on the place and its spirit. When thinking about her collection for Currey & Company, Bunny wanted to be sure that there were fixtures that work in all of the different types of homes she designs. Therefore, there is not an overarching theme or inspiration, but rather the collection is a celebration of a variety of styles — from neoclassical to mid-century, and a showcase of different finishes — gesso, gilding, wrought iron and glass beads, to name a few.

The finishes are exquisite — talk a bit about them.

CA: One of the hallmarks of Currey & Company are our finishes. Our finishes are hand-applied and comprised of many layers in order to achieve the handmade artisan look. This was one of the things that drew Bunny Williams to us and we are proud to present some really beautiful and classic finishes to her designs. This is one of the things that make this collection stand out in the crowded designer arena.

There are several beautiful and thoughtfully designed statement sconces among the intros. What's behind this philosophy?

AM: Bunny strongly believes that a properly lit room is one where light comes from a variety of sources: the ceiling, the walls, the tables. Sconces are a favorite of Bunny because they are a way to introduce indirect light to a room in a wonderfully decorative way. A beautiful pair of sconces on either side of a mantel, for instance, can certainly be more memorable than a center ceiling fixture.

What are the team's favorite pieces in the collection and why?

CA: “The Currey design team loves all of the pieces that Bunny has come up with and a couple of our favorites are the 5000-0065 Weslyn wall sconce, featuring a combination of white gesso and gold leaf. It really captures the Hollywood Regency period. The many large-scale flush amounts are also a favorite for our team as they fulfill a need for our customers. The 9000-0187 Belle chandelier with hammered rings is a particular favorite. It has a Brutalist feel and the addition of the curved glass diffuser and gold leaf finish make it perfect for today. The thing we are most excited about is our continued collaboration. Our teams have really enjoyed working together and look forward to many more collections to come.

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