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Looking to Elevate Your Brand Personality? Don't Miss This Webinar!

Learn how these designers are elevating their "Brand Personality" and how it's helping their businesses. Don't miss the webinar on March 2, 2021 at 3:00 PM ET. Register here!

Mike Peterson
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Join us March 2 to learn how these designers have embraced their brand personalities.

Success is measured differently for each of us. It’s a personal and emotional reward when a client is satisfied. We revel in the the gratification of achieving personal excellence, an increase in confidence or making more money. Realizing your personal brand helps you experience all of these successes.

In our two previous articles on brand personality, we discussed the importance of finding your brand within you. We demonstrated ways to market your brand through websites, social media, digital and cutting-edge strategies. In this third article, we will discuss the tools, decisions and strategies necessary to complete your business transformation.

Let’s look at three results generated by this brand identification process. We’ll look more closely at the tools we used in the process later in the article. Please be aware these are brief summaries of four months of work each, and do not nearly reflect the breadth of the effort.

We're speaking with Mike Peterson and these three designers about how they've developed brand personalities and what it's done for their businesses. Meet the designers below and get ready for a lively discussion on March 2 to learn more about their journeys.

Tune into our webinar with these designers on March 2 at 3:00 ET. Sign up here!

Jaime Blomquist, jaimeblomquist.com

Jaime is an accomplished designer who, after 16 years of design, decided to kick her business into a higher gear. We learned that her clients viewed her as motivated and energetic, and fun with a sense of humor. The benefits they derived from Jaime are seen in a few brief comments: “I was heard — I’m at peace — feel a sense of worth — accomplished — she fought for us — well worth the money.”

Jaime learned that she was better and even more valuable than she thought. Her process of design, with a deep understanding of architecture as well as design, proved important and differentiating. Her brand personality now shines through clearly on her website generating new business on multiple occasions. She thinks of herself as an advocate for her clients. Talk about a great marketing foundation! 

Jaime was able to take this feedback and create a new marketing campaign which was titled, ”At Peace. At Home.” Her outreach to local media generated multiple stories in local newspapers and design magazines. She initiated a social media effort using Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. She added print advertising. Importantly, Jaime’s business, already a success, doubled in a two-year period. She kicked her business into a higher gear.

Sherry Lee, riseanddesignhome.com

Sherry Lee is a case of undiscovered talent. Her clients and associates position her as family-driven, focused, warm, sophisticated, teamwork, a servant and strong. Her clients’ feelings regarding Sherry’s work are: ”Speaks to who I am — buttoned up — excited about living here — tranquil — she’s a concierge designer.”

Sherry has taken this validation of her work and jump-started outreach by networking with local business groups, which have supplied her with numerous leads. Because of her specialty in lighting, Sherry was published in a statewide design magazine as lighting authority and design which generated new projects. Sherry was also featured in a four-page story citing the new, up-and-coming stars in design.

Sherry learned to think like a brand and has created goody bags, leave-behinds and thank you gifts branded and personalized. She is confident in who she is and sees herself as an authority with real value, all in 18 months.      

   After 16 years in business, Sherry decided two years ago to re-direct and rebrand her business. She now has direction and vision. Hourly rates for top-level designers in her market area are $150-$250 per hour, and Sherry is now at the top of that rate structure, 150 percent higher than when she started.

Lynn & Liza Clark Clarkandclarkinteriors.com

Lynne and Liza Clark are a wonderfully unique and creative mother/daughter design firm. Lynne started the firm 33 years ago and has built a successful business with multiple
repeat clients. Clients define Lynne and Liza as imaginative, multi-dimensional, adaptable and analytical. The rewards clients experienced are rich: “A place to create memories — my forever home — authentically me — my place where everything is settled — escape in my own home.”

Their clients talk about the flow and connectedness of the design throughout the home. Lynne and Liza anticipate needs of the future, and design today with an eye to the home and family
needs in the years to come. As a brand position, this is unique and marketable.

Lynne and Liza feel the client feedback validates their work and has helped them identify their brand relative to the competition. They now step out into the market as brand personalities and know that “Designing for Your Life’s Journey” is a great marketing position for their brand. 

As of this writing, Clark and Clark are finishing their new website which will include the distinguishing brand characteristics of health-based design and nature-based design. Their ability to provide natural images and connection to nature is a unique attribute which differentiates them. Rates have increased and they are poised to begin marketing the newly defined Clark and Clark Interiors brand personality.

Don't miss this amazing lineup of designers on March 2, 2021 at 3:00 PM ET.

Sign up for the panel here.  

Replays will be available after the webinar and at Furniture, Lighting & Decor's YouTube Channel. 


By Mike Peterson, founder of Visionary Design Marketing. 
To learn more, go to: visionarydm.com

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