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Design Coaching Center: Putting Your Company Culture to Work

Building a healthy culture is like flossing every day. Whichever employee you don’t want to lose requires daily nurturing and attention from you and your leadership team. Culture-building is one of…

Licensing Partnerships - Q&A with Libby Langdon

For Libby Langdon, product development and licensing have been integral to her business. She has licensing deals with Fairfield Chair (furniture), Crystorama (lighting), Kas Rugs, Paragon (wall art)…
Design Coaching Center, Interior Design Business Experts, Melissa Galt
Melissa Galt shares insights on finding your ideal client.

Design Coaching Center: How Do You Attract Your Ideal Client?

Identifying your hot and buying ideal client is the fast path to design success. You can stop spinning your wheels trying to be all things to everyone and focus on those clients you enjoy the most.…
Design Coaching Center, Mike Peterson, Brand Personality
Join us March 2 to learn how these designers have embraced their brand personalities.

Looking to Elevate Your Brand Personality? Don't Miss This Webinar!

Success is measured differently for each of us. It’s a personal and emotional reward when a client is satisfied. We revel in the the gratification of achieving personal excellence, an increase in…
Mike Peterson, Understanding Branding
Mike Peterson shares strategies for uncovering your true brand identity.

Design Coaching Center: Understanding Your Interior Design Brand Identity

What's Your Brand Identity? Are you a brand? Do you think of yourself that way? We live in a world of brands. They surround us. They influence us. We don’t drive cars; we drive BMWs. We don’t stop…
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