Lori Miller to Offer Wellness-Themed Seminars at High Point

How do the 5 senses allow designers to deliver better results for their clients?

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Lori Miller, LGC Interior Design

Visitors to this Fall's High Point Market will be offered several wellness themed seminars including Sensory by Design with Interior Designer and accredited mental health professional Lori Miller. The event takes place on Monday, October 18 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. in the IMC Seminar Room in Suites at Market Square. 

Wellness Design, Well Building, Design for the Senses. These industry buzzwords have become even more important in the time of COVID. How do the 5 senses allow designers to deliver better results for their clients? In this course, we'll discuss how the focus of interior design is shifting as we move through the pandemic. From overall wellness to new technology to safety in the home and our public spaces, design is working on all levels to evoke emotions, feelings, and provide an environment that fosters wellness and mindfulness. Sponsored by DesignOn HPMKT by IMC. 

To register to attend: http://imcenters.lmsensoryhpoct21.alchemer.com/s3/

About Lori Miller

Lori Miller started her firm, LGC Interior Design, in 2000 with a passion to help others. Initially working in Mental Health, Lori found it important to come home to a place that was calm and soothing. “A place where I could relax and enjoy the elements of fun sprinkled about”. Soon after starting LGC, Lori suffered from health issues and understood the importance of having a space that is fun and functional.” 

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