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Model No. Launches First-Ever 3D-Printed Lighting Collections

The new lighting collection consists of 13 products and styles in total which are made of recycled materials. 

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Model no. 3d printed recycled lighting

The EOS Series 

Designed to live as a family of objects, the Eos Table Lamps share form, scale, and playful negative spaces that are compelling when arranged as a group or as independent fixtures. Eos has a natural translucency and opacity that creates a stunning visual on its surface while it spreads a soft, even light. 


The Amphora Series 

Inspired by the rich variety of ancient vases of the Mediterranean, the Amphora Pendant Series was designed to illuminate and bring interest to everything from a small space with one individual pendant or as a curated family of pendants over a large space. 


Celestial Pendant 

First inspired by stars and astronomy, the Celestial Pendant brings mesmerizing style and glow to your space. 


3-point Floor Lamp 

The 3-Point Floor Lamp combines mid-century modern aesthetic with the latest in sustainable materials and technology. Stylish and sturdy, the 3-Point features a 3D printed PLA shade built onto a tripod of sustainably sourced hardwood legs. 


Cumulus Pendant 

Inspired by the layered nature of the cumulonimbus cloud, the Cumulus Pendant works as an individual light above a small space or as a curated family of two or more above a counter or dining table space. 

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