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New Technologies Add Touchable Textures to Performance Fabrics

Performance fabrics have come a long way in more than practicality. These indoor and outdoor offerings showcase durability, cleanability, beauty and textures we can’t live without.

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Vitalijs Barilo, fabric stack

DesignTec Performance Fabric

Through a designed yarn approach to its textiles, Designtex has applied its performance properties to fabric collections that span contract, residential and hospitality while keeping hand soft, and colors and patterns vibrant. Pattern shown is Standard is Concrete. www.designtex.com

LebaTex Crypton Fabrics

Intermission from Stacy Garcia’s LebaTex brand features a soft, velvetlike hand and Crypton’s moisture barrier protection to repel spills and stains. www.lebatex.com

Crypton Shugs Fabric

Shugs from Crypton is 70 percent recycled cotton with Crypton’s stain and odorresistant technologies. It features a linen hopsack weave and an organic color palette. www.crypton.com

Culp Livesmart performance fabric ice cream

Performance fabrics, such as LiveSmart from Culp, are designed to hold up to spills that are easily wiped clean, even with bleach when needed, or are machine-washable. www.livesmartbyculp.com

Outdura modern textures performance fabric

Outdura’s Bubbly offers a soft residential texture as well as contract-standard durability of more than 60,000 double rubs. This outdoor fabric, constructed from solutiondyed acrylic, provides a luxury option designed to repel moisture and is also bleach-cleanable. www.outdura.sattler.com

Culp Livesmart performance fabric colors

LiveSmart Ultra fabrics maintain softness and color while adding antimicrobial properties to Culp’s already performance-focused LiveSmart fabrics, which are stainand water-resistant and easily cleanable. www.livesmartbyculp.com

InsideOut performance fabric declan celadon

Declan, in Celdaon, from Valdese Weavers’ InsideOut collection, is designed to offer comfort and durability with an enhanced finishing process for an extra-soft hand. Antimicrobial sprays can be used around these fabrics without harming them. www.valdeseweaversc.com

DesignTex geometric patterns

Pattern, in and of itself, can hide stains well, as with this Designtex geometric pattern. Add in performance qualities and the company can claim that the fabric holds up to even the most difficult stains, such as chocolate. www.designtex.com

Miliken poplar collection

Miliken’s Poplar collection features a small textural design in a classic neutral color palette to create a calm and comforting environment. The 100 percent cotton performance fabric is water and stain repellant via a plant-based solution. www.milikenspecialtyinteriors.com

Sunbrella balance collection

Balance is a timeless collection of woven fabrics from Sunbrella, fusing modern and classic elements with functionality and comfort. It is designed with elegant textures, handstitched effects and contemporary geometrics. These outdoor performance fabrics elevate style while maintaining their performance properties. www.sunbrella.com

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