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REVIVAL 81 Collection from Hickory White Captures the Essence of Home

Sponsored By Sherrill Furniture

New collection stays true to the authenticity of a whole-home casual collection, its first in 15+ years.

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REVIVAL 81 Sectional

What is that remarkable, stirring sensation that comes when we return home from a long vacation or an extended business trip? To many, it’s a blend of relief, excitement and jubilation. Taken further, it’s the feeling of connections we experience when reunited with the familiar parts of our lives. It’s the essence of home – and a person’s home speaks to the individual histories of the people who live there.

Staying true to this essence, Hickory White, a division of Sherrill Furniture, celebrates the authenticity of a beautiful, flexible whole-home casual collection with REVIVAL 81. The collection’s name itself harkens to the company’s roots, which date back to 1881. At 141 years of age, Hickory White is believed to be the oldest factory and longest continuously operating case goods manufacturing operation east of the Mississippi. And the REVIVAL 81 Collection carefully bridges the gap between past and present while lending into the fundamentals and quality that set the company apart in the industry.

Behind REVIVAL 81

Back in the day, the furniture industry as we know it was very different and brands like Hickory White would create suited-up “collections” for customers to buy out of convenience. As trends and times evolved, retailers and designers started to want more thoughtful and curated pieces, which has now become the norm at Hickory White. “Hickory White has a fabulous approach to designing a la carte pieces that make a unique impact in our homes,” says India Miller, creative director for Hickory White and Lillian August upholstery divisions. 

Fast forward to today, and Hickory White has reimagined the idea of creating a whole-home collection that ensures every piece is unique and strong enough to stand alone. To do this, the entire team came together to create REVIVAL 81 with the design inspiration and leadership of India and key Hickory White counterparts, Cindy Hall, vice president of case good merchandising, and Patrick Foster, vice president of sales for Hickory White and Lillian August. Drawing inspiration from their travels, diverse industry backgrounds and the spirit of Buddy Sherrill, the designers aimed to create unique, elevated statement pieces that designers and customers alike could mix and match to make it their own. 

REVIVAL 81 was designed to address the desire in the marketplace for domestically made relaxed-casual casegoods and upholstery for the high-end market. “Thinking back to the beginning of the collection, we realized that no one was offering a locally made casual, sophisticated, high-end, quality product, especially for casegoods” Foster said. “We found that there was a need for the essence of REVIVAL 81 – something the marketplace had never seen before. REVIVAL 81 fills this void within the marketplace and within Hickory White.”

More Than Another Collection

Don’t be mistaken: REVIVAL 81 is more than just a collection – it is an authentic, story-provoking anthology of furniture that is made to last for generations. “There are endless possibilities with fabric and frame combinations that make this collection timeless. Each piece is made with the highest quality standards, ensuring that REVIVAL 81 will be passed down throughout the generations. They are also meant to resemble and represent each customers unique identity. REVIVAL 81 is designed around the concept of quiet luxury, while also speaking volumes about the people who live there,” Miller said.

One of the themes that Hall and Foster started to work with in developing the collection was to focus on architectural elements. These translate in the shapes of the nightstand or the base of the dining room table. The team also started to bring in other elements like metal, stone and travertine, and incorporated exclusive finishes into every piece. 

Adhering to the original vision behind Buddy Sherrill himself, who cared about the workers and artisans behind each product, the team wanted all of the collection’s pieces to be meaningful and purposeful. Each piece of wood, every bit of material, each curve and design detail has been intentionally chosen and placed to construct pieces that are different, sophisticated and unique. “The entire team is so proud of every piece because each was a labor of love,” Foster said. “The intricacies of each piece made it difficult to complete, but we know that each are lasting items that will be handed down from generation to generation. We are trying to share that feeling of connection and intentionality with the people who purchase it – that’s the value.” 

Style Highlights

Primland Dining TableThe REVIVAL 81 Collection easily belongs in homes located in any part of the country – from California casual to Atlanta lake house or Telluride ski in/ski out. Pieces include the upholstered Frio bed in white oak trim; the combination of reeding and honed travertine found in the Everly cocktail table, the impressive rectangular Primland dining table crafted from white oak; and the new four-door Oasis credenza topped with oval-shaped white travertine stone.

Some designer favorites also include the Rubicon modern sectional, which is available in one of 14 different hand-wiped Sauvage leathers; the Teton modern sofa, which features a gentle curve of the arm from the back-to-front that gives its frame a modern feel; and the Reading chair, a piece inspired by an antique chair discovered in Round Top, Texas.

With natural, relaxed elements to create an honest collection with an updated feel, the REVIVAL 81 Collection layers in unique details such as natural textures, architectural shapes, cathedral wood grain patterns and more. Through a thoughtful juxtaposition of modernism and classicism, Hickory White aims to capture – or perhaps re-capture – the essence of home.


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