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Style Board: Eco Style

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Making environmentally friendly furniture, lighting and decor selections will not only affect the planet positively, but it can contribute to personal wellness. This new crop of sustainable products makes the choice a no-brainer.



Ango’s Unit pendant diffuses light from its natural rattan diffuser, complemented with stainless steel and copper base. Silk cocoons, mulberry bark and rattan are the basis of much of the company’s range, and the low-impact/low-energy process of creating the products demonstrates environmentally responsible 21st-century design and production.  www.angoworld.com



From Nanimarquina, Shade rugs achieve an intricate gradient, created by one vertical and one horizontal in the same plane, harmonically using six transitional shades. The company stands by the “reuse, reduce, recycle” mantra, using biodegradable and recycled products, efficient production techniques and more.



Company C’s Moonlit collection features gargantuan blooms that evoke a summer rose garden illuminated by moonlight. Crafted of pure organic cotton, and sateen woven in a 300-thread count, for scrumptiously soft texture and silky luster. The company’s bedding collections are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. www.companyc.com

What does sustainable mean?

According to the Sustainable Furnishings Council, it means practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. All of the products on these spreads have some environmentally sustainable aspect that promotes resource conservation, indoor air quality, reduction of pollutants, less landfill waste, workers’ rights, local economies and more, meaning they’re beneficial to people (health), the planet (environmental) and profit (economics).



Chilewich placemats and tabletop options, shown here in Lemon, are made of vinyl, which is durable, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. www.chilewich.com



Holtkoetter’s Epsilon T desk lamp can fold and unfold plus swivel on its axis. Using only 23W and emitting 3,000 lumens, the 2700K light is dimmable with a touch dimmer, making it an efficient lighting choice. www.holtkoetter.com


Fermob-La Môme_Chair

Fermob’s La Môme chair is an ode to Parisian folklore, available in monochrome or two-tone versions. The mobile chair has a handle that can be used to easily fold and unfold it. The company has ISO 14001 status and a zero-waste paint facility. www.fermob.com


Inspired by one of Nathan Anthony’s longtime best sellers, Ghedi is a modern design with plush, deep seating and a pillowy armrest for more stylized lounging. Ghedi floats on a wood plinth base and is available in more than 250 fabrics, select leathers and wood finishes. All Nathan Anthony Furniture products are made of alder from sustainably harvested forests and recycled steel springs. www.nafurniture.com



Flavor Paper has teamed up with Ian “Hydeon” Ferguson, Brooklyn-based contemporary artist, illustrator and designer, to develop Brownstoner. The paper has a dream-like pattern of New York City brownstones, inspired by old Brooklyn neighborhoods like Bed Stuy and Crown Heights. Flavor Paper is eco-friendly, using water-based inks and PVC free, recyclable and recycled content when possible. www.flavorpaper.com



From FLOS, Arrangements by Michael Anastassiades is a modular system of geometric light elements that can be combined in different ways. Each is equipped with a flexible LED light strip with notable light output and a long lifespan. www.usa.flos.com



With its shades of turquoise, sapphire, peridot and ruby, plus traditional design with tribal influences, this hand-tufted 100 percent wool loop pile Vibrant area rug from Nourison is an eco-friendly option. www.nourison.com



From Home Trends & Design Laguna Beach Collection, this sideboard is handcrafted from plantation-grown mango wood, paired with iron bases and accents that are crafted from salvaged metal that is smelted and given new life. The trend-right weathered teak finish is created from water-based, low VOC finishes that are safe for factory workers and eliminate the worry of off-gassing in the home of the end-consumer. www.htddirect.com


What materials should you look for when purchasing product?

“Eighty percent or so of the environmental impact of any consumer product is in what it’s made of, so materials are very important. Solid wood is an excellent material for furniture — solid materials in general are a good choice because less engineering in the material means less energy used in its production. On wood, it’s very important to know something about where the wood comes from because illegal logging is still a driver of deforestation, which is another huge cause of climate change. Look for Forest Stewardship Council-certified wood, especially for tropical woods. Also look for plantation-grown wood, including wood from fruit plantations, like mango. Since garbage — that is, what we throw away — is our world’s most abundant natural resource now, any reclaimed or recycled material is an excellent choice as well, whether it’s wood, metal, plastic or textile.” — Susan Inglis, Executive Director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council



Phillips Collection’s Geometry tables are handcrafted from natural Chamcha wood paired with matte black metal. Assembled in Thailand. www.phillipscollection.com



Jaipur’s Abel rug from the Naturals Tobago collection is made from 100 percent natural jute. With fun braided patterns and texture, the soft and durable natural fiber is as good for the global soul as it is for the soil. www.jaipurliving.com



Noir’s Carim 43-inch round coffee table is made of fossil and metal. The company has made a commitment to sustainable products using eco-friendly materials and production techniques. www.noirfurniturela.com

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