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The Lighting Doctor

the lighting doctor, ferry terminal
The Lighting Doctor assesses the lighting in a Seattle ferry terminal.

Means and Waterways: Lighting a Ferry Terminal

On a recent visit to Seattle, I was greatly impressed by the new ferry terminal, designed by NBBJ Architects. It is a 20,000-square-foot space that is surprisingly warm and inviting. Part of this…
Lighting Doctor Condominium bedroom in Mexico
The Lighting Doctor shares his lighting insights from travel to Mexico.

How Lighting Impacts Modern Condo Design in Mexico

As you probably have noticed by now, I like to report on the lighting I experience when visiting other countries. This time it is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The city has massively built-up since the…
Pearls in a shell
The Lighting Doctor takes on the cool LED lighting in a pearl factory.

Pearly Whites: LED Lighting in a Pearl Factory

Once again, I found myself lucky enough to be visiting other countries and studying the people and their cultures. It’s always interesting to see how LED lighting is being integrated into commercial…
LIGHT! San Francisco
These innovative pendants were shown at LIGHT! in San Fransisco.

A Glimmer of Hope: The Lighting Doctor Visits LIGHT!

I was fortunate to attend the LIGHT! conference in San Francisco. It is not as gigantic as a LightFair or Lightovation, but it is in my backyard which is really convenient. I don’t have to fly…
The Lighting Doctor in Japan
The Lighting Doctor explores lighting in a Japanese museum/hotel.

A 'Light' Sleep

While in Japan, I had a great fortune of visiting a place called Benesse House. It is an art museum and a hotel all rolled into one. This wondrous place is located on Naoshima Island. The word ‘…
Banana Republic store
The Lighting Doctor explores Banana Republic by the lighting.

Lighting Up Retail Therapy

The Banana Republic has a special store in San Francisco. This is where they test out new clothing and accessories before releasing them nationally and internationally. The design is unlike a typical…
The Lighting Doctor in Japan
Randall Whitehead gets lost in a mirrored maze of LED rods.

Magic in Lights: Day Tripping in Japan

One of the most exciting things to experience in Japan is the experiential art installation by teamLab, called Borderless, in the city of Tokyo (https://www.teamlab.art). It is a massive, tactile…
the Lighting Doctor in Ireland
On a recent trip to Ireland, Randall Whitehead explores the lighting.

Your Irish Lights Are Smiling

I have recently returned from a trip to Ireland. It was my first time, and it was wonderful to travel the countryside and see the cities and towns. Of course, checking out the lighting was my MO. It…

Eat, Pray, Light: The Lighting Doctor Finds Comfort, Food and Light

As a lighting designer I am always looking at how a space is lit. I can’t help myself. It’s just a part of my professional genetic makeup. It’s not just me, a friend who is a kitchen designer says…
mid century modern entry
Mid-century modern design has held up through time.

The Lighting Doctor: The Future Is in the Past

Decorative lighting fixture design falls out of fashion, just like clothing. What fascinates me is how a mid-century modern lighting designs have held on for so long. What makes them special? What…
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