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Lighting Research Center

LSG Good Day & Night downlight
Lighting Science’s new Good Day&Night downlight enables users to easily change between focus-enhancing and sleep-enhancing spectrums. The luminaire is controlled via a standard wall switch or by a wireless switch accessory, and mounting kits are available for retrofit and new construction.

To Your Health

In a country where adult obesity rates were nearly 40 percent in 2015-16, the cost of healthcare clocks in at about $10,000 per person, and still, in 2018, more than 133.9 million Americans live in…
bright computer screen
Have customers voiced concerns about the risks of blue light emitted from screens and lighting sources? Read on to find out how to respond. (Photo: Jonathan Velasquez)

How to Quell Blue Light Fears

Blue light is everywhere – it’s emitted from our phones, tablets, many types of lighting fixtures and the sun. Despite being so common, some consumers are in the dark when it comes to the facts about…
Living room with large windows and one wall painted green
What parts of your home make you happy? Photo: Maria Killam

The Science of Home Decor

“Smart” homes evoke images of modernist, chrome-plated houses decked out in stainless steel with automated everything and a refrigerator that talks to you. A true smart home doesn’t necessarily have…
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