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Meyda Tiffany

Meyda Tiffany Lamps
Meyda Lighting, founded in 1974, is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

Meyda Lighting Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Founded in 1974 in Utica, New York, Meyda Lighting proudly celebrates its 50th Anniversary. The firm was founded when Meyer Cohen was asked by his wife Ida, to build a stained glass window in their…

Ida Cohen, Co-Founder of Meyda Tiffany, Dies at 99

Ida Cohen, the co-founder of Meyda Tiffany, passed away at the age of 99 last week. In 1939, she married Meyer Cohen who passed away December 30, 2000. Meyda Tiffany was founded in 1974 when Ida…
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