Lighting is essential in any home design. From accent to task to decorative lighting, we share the latest trends and technical innovations.

smart lighting
Light layering is important for good lighting design, says Lightstyles’ Melvyn Kahn. In this project from his lighting design team, smart lighting controls help manage each light layer for a cohesive look that can be easily adjusted.

Understanding the Smart Home Spectrum

At one time, smart home systems were only found in ultra-high-end luxury design projects. Their complexity and high price tags made them unattainable for the average homeowner. Times have since…
Alora Lighting, Charles Pavarini
The Celeste is one of a collection of lighting from Charles Pavarini III for Alora Lighting

Alora Lighting to Debut Charles Pavarini III Collection in June

Vancouver-based lighting manufacturer Alora Lighting introduces its new Guest Artist Series designed in collaboration with renowned interior designer Charles Pavarini III. The collection will be…
Randall Whitehead, layered lighting, lighting doctor, box lights
Luminous box-shaped pendants descend from the ceiling, creating a festive atmosphere. Photo by Randall Whitehead

Layers of Light Add Ambience to a Restaurant Atmosphere

As things are beginning to open up a little bit, we are venturing back to inside eating at 25 percent capacity. I was quite taken by this dim sum restaurant, called Palette Tea House, which we…

Canarm Zola Semi-Flush Mount

From Canarm, Zola makes a statement with her magnetic personality and modern twist on LED. This semi-flush mount adds the style and ambiance that can transform any room from boring to trendy with a…
Task Lighting photo contest
First Place – Fabian Vacca, Kitchen Solvers, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Task Lighting Announces 35th Anniversary Photo Contest Winners

Task Lighting, as part of their celebration for being the leading manufacturer of LED Lighting and Angle Power Strip products for the past 35 years, recently announced the winners of their 35th…

Setco Victo Pendant

From Setco, the Victo pendant is perfect for interior decor around a table, providing warm and cozy light. This new smaller version of the beloved Victo pendant complements the brand’s popular Octo…

Meyda Lighting Barrel Stave Chandelier

Rugged rustic charm greets Gothic character with Barrel Stave chandeliers from Meyda Lighting. This lighting design was inspired by antique wooden staves traditionally bound by wooden hoops in the…
Maxim Acoustic Pendant
Maxim Acoustic Pendant

Maxim Acoustic Pendant Wins LIT Award

The Acoustic Pendant by Maxim Lighting has been named Best Pendant in the Lighting category of the 2020 LIT Lighting Design Awards. Voted on by a panel composed of esteemed members of academia, press…

Crystorama Silas Chandelier

The Silas from Crystorama interlaces organic wood beads with jute rows, bringing an organic element to its environment. A series of beads are strung together, taking on a handmade aesthetic that…
lighting for wellness
Using texture and light to create dynamic pattern can mimic natural light. The texture of the green wall is accentuated using lighting, creating dimensionality and dynamic highlights and shadows.

How Lighting Can Influence Wellness

The purpose of lighting goes beyond just illuminating the darkness. Light, particularly natural light, tells our bodies the time of day and has a direct impact on our health and wellness, as well as…