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Wayfair Professional Launches Commercial Office Furniture Line

Upper Square includes nearly 700 office-ready furniture and decor pieces.

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Wayfair Professional Upper Square office furniture

Wayfair Inc., one of the world’s largest online destinations for the home, announced today that its business program, Wayfair Professional, has launched its first commercial-use collection of office furniture and decor, Upper Square. The new line features contemporary and mid-century modern styles that are designed to accommodate open or private office concepts, collaboration spaces, reception areas, kitchens and cafes, and more. Upper Square includes nearly 700 office-ready pieces for every business, from start-ups to industry-leading firms.

Offering everything from ergonomic desk chairs, standing desks, and an array of soft-seating solutions, Upper Square furniture meets the varied needs of employees in an ever-evolving commercial landscape. Carefully crafted to withstand the everyday use of an active office environment, Upper Square furniture provides affordable options that are flexible enough for new or established businesses, and can be delivered within shorter than average lead times.  

wayfair professional upper square

“We are thrilled to announce our first ever commercial-use office line, a curated collection to meet the needs of businesses across industries, regardless of size,” said Margaret Lawrence, Vice President of Wayfair Professional. “Upper Square is as stylish as it is functional, a modern solution for start-ups, shared work spaces, and other businesses designing offices for today’s dedicated and diverse workforce.”

With the rise of activity-based working, a trend that sees employers offering a choice of work spaces and furniture styles, Upper Square provides an affordable solution for businesses to create dynamic spaces for all workplace activities. The line, while versatile and smart, also features elevated, modern finishes, including metal details, warm-toned woods, and effortless accents that add a level of sophistication and utility to any space. 

wayfair professional upper squarer

“Wayfair Professional is constantly improving its selection and shopping experience with new and innovative collections,” continued Lawrence. “With Upper Square, our members are presented with an even more robust offering of expertly curated furniture and decor that will help foster collaboration and motivate teams across businesses.”

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