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What’s Hot in Kitchen Renovation Trends

Houzz surveyed homeowners about their kitchen renovations for its 2018 Kitchen Trends Study. Here are the key takeaways.

Katie Caron
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(Photo: Pexels)

Homeowners these days are obsessed with decluttering their kitchens, Houzz’s latest Kitchen Trends Study found. This is just one takeaway from the annual study which surveyed 1,734 U.S. homeowners about their recent or planned kitchen renovations. The study offers key insights into the kitchen renovation landscape, highlighting everything from style trends to technology integration. Read on for more on the study’s findings.

Decluttering and prioritizing storage

If one thing is clear, it’s that homeowners are tired of messy, disorganized kitchens.

When asked about their kitchen obsessions, 75 percent of those surveyed said they’re obsessed with decluttering their kitchens, with 66 percent obsessed with putting things away and 49 percent focused on recycling.

This desire for decluttered kitchens means built-in cabinet storage, wine and bar cabinets, pullout waste bins and utensil and dish organizers are on the rise.

Nino Sitchinava, Principal Economist at Houzz, said countertops are having a moment as homeowners focus on decluttering surfaces for a sleek and tidy kitchen. Countertops are the most common major feature upgraded during renovations, with 94 percent of respondents reporting upgrades. They’re also the most common splurge item at 42 percent. Given this data, designers should be equipped with the right knowledge to design spaces that are clean and easy to keep organized. For retailers, consider stocking items like in-cabinet storage, bar carts and other organizational products if you don’t carry these already.

Style overhauls

Kitchen remodelers are making big changes to the overall style of their spaces. An impressive 87 percent of respondents made complete changes to their kitchen’s style, compared to 75 percent last year. The top styles this year are Transitional (25 percent), Contemporary (17 percent) and Farmhouse (12 percent).

The top wall color for kitchen renovations was gray at 27 percent and the top cabinet color was white at 43 percent. White has also grown in popularity for use on backsplashes and countertops, increasing six percentage points since 2017 for each category.

More homeowners (49 percent) are also opting to open up their kitchens into other interior spaces, with 56 percent choosing a completely open transition. Eighteen percent of homeowners made their kitchen more open to the outdoors.

Smart technology on the rise

Homeowners are moving toward smart technology and voice control and away from TVs in the kitchen. High-tech features like color-touchscreen controls or built-in speakers appear in 25 percent of new appliances, and wireless and voice-controlled appliances are included in 11 percent of appliance upgrades.

Of the 14 percent of homeowners incorporating new electronics during renovations, 22 percent are adding home assistants and 16 percent are adding central control panels for lighting and thermostats. Sixty-four percent are installing TVs compared to 79 percent in 2015-16.

If you haven’t gotten up to speed on home assistants or smart home trends, it’s probably time. You’ll only get more and more questions about these technologies as they become more mainstream.


What did you take away from the study? Let us know in the comments!


Photo: Pexels

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