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2024 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study
The Houzz Kitchen Trends study points to open spaces and sustainability on consumer wish lists.

5 Kitchen Renovation Trends from Houzz Study

Knowing what types of designs and products are popular with homeowners can help you plan projects and understand your clients’ motivations better. Houzz continually stays on top of trends through…
Legacy CDM Inc., Craig Hampton, Brooke Wagner Design © Mellon Studio.

Houzz Study Reveals Popular Kitchen Features, Colors and Materials

Houzz Inc., has released the 2024 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study. The survey of more than 3,400 respondents found that interest in open-concept kitchens is returning following the pandemic. A…
Houzz Bathroom Renovation study
Enlarging the bathroom is on consumer renovation wishlists. Credit: Nathan Holden, Mountainwood Homes.

Houzz Bathroom Trend Study: Consumers Go Big During Renovations

Houzz Inc. has released the 2023 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study. The survey of nearly 2,000 respondents found that one in five homeowners enlarge their primary, or en suite, bathrooms during…
Warm neutrals
Example of Warm Neutrals. ©ANA Interiors Photography by Ana Cummings.

U.S. 2023 Houzz Home Design Predictions

1. Blending Backsplashes: Designers on Houzz often use tile to create stylish kitchen backsplashes. To visually break up those expanses of tile, some designers on Houzz are now installing a slab of…
Houzz Barometer
The Houzz Quarterly Renovation Barometer tracks residential renovation market expectations.

Houzz: Expectations Diverge Among Remodeling, Design Professionals

Houzz Inc. has released the Q4 2023 Houzz U.S. Renovation Barometer. The Barometer tracks residential renovation market expectations, project backlogs and recent activity among businesses in the U.S…

Renovation Demand: Consumer Snapshot

One in seven homeowners has put their home renovation project on hold (15 percent), according to a new study from Houzz Inc. Conducted in August 2023, the survey of more than 2,500 homeowners found…
rooftop entertaining
Rooftop spaces is number 2 on the Houzz design trends list. Image: MVCC Inc. and Jacob Lilley Architects ©Greg Premru.

Houzz Report: 9 Emerging Summer Design Trends

Houzz has identified the top emerging home design trends based on the latest search insights* from our community of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home professionals. The trends reflect a…
Houzz & Home Study
According to the 2023 Houzz & Home Study, homeowners are renovating to stay in their homes.

Houzz & Home Study: Homeowners Renovate for the Long Run

Homeowners are renovating their homes for the long run, according to the 12th annual U.S. Houzz & Home Study of more than 46,000 U.S. respondents. More than three in five homeowners state that…

Trends in Home Furnishings E-commerce

The global pandemic provided the home furnishings industry with an unexpected boost. As people stayed at home, they spent disposable income on improving their living environments. In September 2020,…

Houzz: How Home Renovations Shape Up for 2023

According to a recent Houzz study, consumers aren’t planning on trading spaces as much in 2023. More likely, they’ll continue to elevate the homes they currently live in. Citing the economy, housing…
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