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Why You Should Switch to an Instagram for Business Account

If you haven’t made the switch to a business profile, don’t sweat it. Here’s why and how you should do it.

Katie Caron
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When you originally set up your company’s Instagram account, you might not have realized that Instagram offers a Business profile option. Instagram for Business offers countless benefits, like scheduling posts, displaying contact info on your profile and providing insights on everything from who your followers are to how your posts are performing. If you set up your account with a regular profile, don’t worry — it’s easy to make the switch. Here’s why you should consider it and how to do it.

Why you should consider the switch

The first difference you’ll notice on an Instagram business profile is the addition of a business description and an address in the bio. You’ll also notice tabs that say “call,” “email” and “directions” for those who want to contact or find your business. These components make it easier for people to find you directly from the app without having to head to Google to get more info. Here’s Lightology’s profile as an example.

Lightology Instagram

This feature is just the start. Most of the benefits of an Instagram for Business profile are apparent on the business owner's end. A business account will give you access to insights on your posts and followers. With Instagram’s analytics tool for business accounts, you’ll gain access to metrics like impressions, the reach of your posts and how many profile visits you’re receiving.

Insights will also show you how many clicks to your site from the app you’ve received and metrics on how people are engaging with your posts. You can also view data on the times of day your posts perform best so you know when you should post moving forward. Instagram will also show you the percentage of accounts that have seen your post but aren't following you, so you can have a better idea of how much people are actually following and engaging with your account. 

These valuable insights are also available for Instagram stories. You can gain analytics on the unique number of accounts who viewed your story, the number of times people tapped forward or backward while viewing your story, the number of times people swiped away and the number of times people exited your story. 

Gaining access to Insights and regularly checking in on your metrics will give you a stronger understanding of your reach, your audience and how you can improve your digital marketing tactics.

Another new feature allows businesses to schedule posts on the app, which can save you time and streamline your posting process. While Instagram has plans to roll out this feature for all profiles in the future, it’s restricted to businesses for now.

How to switch to a business profile

Convinced yet? Here’s how to make the switch (it’s really simple). Head to your profile and tap the gear icon. Scroll down toward the bottom of the Account section to "Switch to Business Profile." Check to make sure your profile is set to public — this will help more people find you, and you won't be allowed to switch to a business profile if you're set to private. Pick the Facebook page you want to connect with your Instagram (this should be your business's Facebook page) and follow the prompts to input your email address, phone number and location. And that's it! Now you can take advantage of the added features of a business profile. Even if you plan on easing into using those added analytics features, switching to a business profile is absolutely worth it. 

How does Instagram fit into your marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments!


Photo: Unsplash 

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