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5 Digital Marketing YouTube Channels to Check Out

From email marketing to storytelling, these channels cover all the basics of digital marketing.

Katie Caron
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As a small business owner in 2018, there’s no shortage of new things you can learn when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. But you can only read so much in a day, and sifting through digital marketing blogs can get overwhelming. Luckily, there’s a world of digital marketing-focused YouTube channels out there to help you stay informed and bring your business up to speed. Here are five to check out.

1. The Business Lounge

From social media marketing expert Kimberly Ann Jimenez, The Business Lounge is a channel dedicated to helping online business owners grow their business. Not all of her videos focus on marketing — some focus on topics like how to recover from burnout, how to boost productivity and business mistakes to avoid. But she also covers everything digital marketing from blogging to marketing tools to Facebook marketing.

Video to watch:

In this video, Jimenez walks viewers through the basics of creating a strong content marketing plan, from outlining goals and describing your ideal client to creating the promotion plan. She also offers a free content marketing planner template that’s available to download in the notes of the video.

2. Moz

Moz, a marketing and analytics software company, has a great digital marketing blog and YouTube channel. With a focus on SEO and inbound marketing, their channel features a mix of how-tos and longform talks from experts in the industry.

Video to watch: 

In this video, Rand Fishkin covers a nine-point SEO checklist for how to rank in search results, including keyword research, creating a strong title and optimizing page speed times.

3. Crowdspring

Crowdspring’s channel focuses on business and marketing advice for small business owners. Videos feature CEO and founder Ross Kimbarovsky covering topics from successful rebrands to how to reach more customers with micro-influencers.

Video to watch: 

In this video, the host walks viewers through why brand logos are important and how to create a new one that fits your business. He describes how strong logos are simple, flexible and reflect your personality.

4. HubSpot

HubSpot, a developer of inbound marketing and sales software, has more than 1,000 videos on its YouTube channel covering everything from email marketing to augmented and virtual reality. Most videos are shorter, around 2-4 minutes, while some are a bit longer at 40 minutes or so for deep dives on topics from experts.

Video to watch:

For business owners looking to break into creating videos for their business, this shows you how you can turn a blog post into a video idea. Turning a popular blog post into a video can make it easier to get started with brainstorming topic ideas.

5. The Content Marketing Institute

Videos from the Content Marketing Institute cover topics like storytelling marketing, how to create engaging videos and SEO tips. The channel also regularly features conversations with business experts like John Jantsch and Tim Hayden.

Video to watch:

This offers three basic tips for email marketing, including optimizing your pre-header text and how to watch out for red flags when growing your email list.



Photo: Unsplash

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