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ALL3D to Launch Subscription Platform for Interior Designers


Designers offered access to virtually render client spaces, furniture, decor & home improvement at affordable price point.

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ALL3D will launch its first ever subscription service to interior designers, further democratizing 3D virtualization and rendering technologies in the home industry. This new platform empowers designers to create and render client spaces in real time, creating virtual products and designs. It grants them access to its expansive library of thousands of products and brand pages of sellable virtual products from ALL3D’s manufacturing and retailer consumers. There will be four subscription levels available, starting at just $100 per month, allowing designers to optimize their client experience with next-level visualization. 

“Since we started ALL3D, our goal has been to revolutionize the design world using cutting edge, affordable 3D technology, and machine learning,” said Amra Tareen, CEO, and co-founder of ALL3D. “This is an exciting progression for us as we’ve partnered with various brands over the years and have built an impressive library of products that interior designers can now have access to with the click of a button, to create projects of all sizes.”

“Today’s consumer is more inclined to commit confidently to a purchase when they’re offered a ‘try-before-you-buy’ experience,” added Ashley Redmond, Chief Creative Officer, and co-founder. “This platform gives designers the tools they need to help their clients more accurately envision how a space can be transformed before making a single purchase.”  

Through ALL3D’s user-friendly platform, interior designers have the opportunity to create and share designed and rendered room images, 3D tours, as well as 360-degree room views. Despite its enhanced design capabilities, there’s no prior experience required to be proficient with the software. 

Beyond designing spaces, this new platform gives interior designers the opportunity to create 3D models of their favorite products, and earn money selling these virtual products in the ALL3D store.  The designer sets the price and once a transaction is completed, ALL3D takes a small percentage with the bulk of the profit going directly to the designer. The designers can also earn up to $1,500 in referral fees and additional commissions on enterprise subscriptions, by introducing ALL3D to their favorite retailers and manufacturers as new enterprise customers.

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