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The Social Media Home: Digital Bulletin

Social media has had an impact on how we decorate our homes by putting a wealth of inspiration at our fingertips.

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Facebook kitchen

Social media has had an impact on how we decorate our homes by putting a wealth of inspiration at our fingertips — but what if we examined how each social media platform would look as an actual home?

Looking at five social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, Ufurnish.com analyzed data to discover each platform’s top 10 most popular interior trends and asked AI to visualise each dataset.

Deirdre McGettrick, home expert, Co-founder and CEO of Ufurnish.com, has looked into the visual results and given her thoughts on each of the platforms in their living room, kitchen and garden form.


The Instagram Home

Instagram, known for its aesthetically pleasing content, has lived up to its reputation by showcasing popular interior trends that are both visually appealing and inviting. Warm terracotta, browns and deep oranges are utilized in this AI imagery to create an intimate atmosphere that exudes a Mediterranean feel.

This trend also signals a shift away from cool tones and clean lines that were popular in recent years. Another trend among well-being influencers is the spa garden, featuring outdoor white bathtubs and rainfall showers surrounded by green foliage for a luxurious and scenic escape.



The TikTok Home

TikTok’s user base is largely made up of Gen Z and is driving interior decor trends towards sustainability and eco-friendliness, with power-saving lights, natural materials and greenery being the focus. The upcycling and reuse of items is also popular with terms like ‘artisanal wares’ being used to describe this style. The AI-generated images hone in on the favored 90’s trends, incorporating key elements such as neutral tones, clean lines and curves, all of which give a nostalgic nod to the era.



The Pinterest Home

Pinterest is a treasure trove for interior design enthusiasts, and with 61.9 percent of its users between the ages of 18-34, it’s a platform that caters to millennials’ evolving tastes. Step inside this Pinterest AI home and you’ll find a space that exudes classic elegance and thoughtful design. Minimalism is the buzzword here, with timeless furniture and artwork taking center stage. Neoclassicism also finds a place, with symmetrical layouts and eye-catching decorative elements like high ceilings and statement lighting. The 1970s truly shine in this home, with warm tones, natural materials like wood and exposed concrete and bold patterns that prioritise texture over color.

Living room


The X (formerly twitter) Home

X is a platform which leads with a more traditional approach to styling. With around 60 percent of its users aged 35 and above, the platform favors timeless styles over the trends that often come and go. Viva Magenta, (the Pantone colour of 2023), serves as the dominant hue throughout the AI produced interiors. This bold and daring shade ties together the natural textures and an abundance of florals that brings a sense of harmony to the space. This house is a celebration of traditional design and country couture with a commitment to sustainability at its core.


The Facebook Home

Similar to X, Facebook users are slightly less trend-led with a feel for more classic styles. By blending more traditional styles such as country core with statement pieces such as stoneware or metallic lighting, this AI home exudes a sense of character and authenticity, which perfectly embodies “a union of the old with the new.” Moving outside, you’ll find beautiful lighting placements and carefully considered heights that lend a luxurious, glamorous and romantic feel to the space. The continued use of natural materials, terrazzo and sustainable accents further highlights a growing trend toward conscious living.



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