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Create Digital Catalogs with These Tools

With COVID taking hold once again, consider staying connected to your retail customers with digital catalogs. These tools can help.

Gianna Annunzio
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Digital Catalog Creation
These tools can help you create digital catalogs

With abundant information available online, customers access digital content on a daily basis. While websites and social media provide platforms for engagement, creating a digital commerce catalog can also help you build brand recognition and retain clients from anywhere in the world.

Digital catalogs provide a unique touchpoint with customers, and offer real-time engagement with your product offerings. They allow clients to find specific product or in-stock information in seconds via item descriptions, prices and photos. Users can also enhance their catalogs with pop-up images, videos and other interactive content providing clients with more detailed product information. These catalogs help create an immersive, information-rich experience for readers.     

Businesses aren’t limited to specific distribution markets either within the digital space, helping to expand both readership and clientele. Here are three digital catalog platforms that can help extend your brand’s breadth. 

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark is available in the Adobe Creative Cloud and allows users to explore professionally designed templates to get started, or handcraft their own catalog from scratch. The program offers a range of tools, and a vast library of professionally designed templates and assets that can help users create graphics and videos to include in their digital catalogs. Personalize your design with font styles, layers, icons and unique layouts. Pre-designed graphics can also be customized by swapping in your own images, graphics and text. Instantly share your catalog design across all printed and digital channels for your readers to enjoy.

The Adobe Spark editor is intuitive to use, so users can create catalogs for every season, event, product launch and more. Adobe Spark starts at $9.99 per month.




Issuu transforms PDFs, images and text into a digital catalog using your own design, or various preset templates. The platform allows users to add internal links into their catalog to help incorporate additional product or contact information. Embedded videos offer a better view of your product offerings, with the option to set them to auto-play as readers land on a page.

Issuu also deconstructs your designs into reusable bits, allowing users to create derivative assets for web, mobile, social, email and more. Select your favorite images and text, and create shareable articles and motion-graphic social stories — all automatically scaled for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Issuu offers insight into reads, impressions, average time spent and more. Issuu Basic is available for free. The starter subscription plan is available for $19.




FlippingBook allows users to build web-friendly catalogs with a smooth page flip effect that seamlessly transfers to mobile. Readers are able to search in text, and interact with the table of contents and thumbnails for easy product navigation.

FlippingBook also allows users to weave images into the page, or turn them into pop-ups for a better visual. Add your own branding colors, videos and links that lead to items on your website. Client interactions on the catalog are also trackable, making it easy for you to see which products receive the most attention. FlippingBook’s starter subscription plan is available for $44.

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