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Design Coaching Center: Attracting and Selling to Your Ideal Client

Don't miss our panel on attracting and selling to your ideal clients. 

January 26, 2:00 PM ET, zoom

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Design Coaching Center Nancy Ganzekaufer
Join us for a discussion on Attracting and Selling to your Ideal Clients

Don't miss our upcoming panel —Thursday, January 26, 2:00 PM ET — Zoom on Attracting and Selling to Your Ideal Clients. replays will be available with registration.

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If sales conversations stress you out, then the truth is, you’re doing it wrong! In all my years of business coaching, I have heard every excuse in the book about why people aren’t good at sales. Honestly, anyone can be good at sales!    

The bottom line? Having confidence in yourself and your services is at the heart of your sales success. Often, YOU are what stands in the way of your own success.    

In sales, no doesn’t always mean no — and your confidence will help you face objections head on. Objections are a golden opportunity to show your potential client how YOU can resolve their problems. Let’s review a few key points that are essential to your sales success.     

What is the most important component of a sales conversation? Most entrepreneurs are under the impression that selling is primarily about what you say. In reality, the sales process is mostly about listening. The Art of listening When a potential client reaches out to you, the first thing you do is listen. Instead of focusing on your own words, learn to listen to what your potential clients say about why they contacted you and what they need.  

If you ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers, you are less likely to hear objections. What you will discover, however, are your client’s pain points. (And those come in VERY handy during your presentation!)

Perfect Presenting

Once you fully understand what your potential client needs, you can present the perfect solution to resolve their challenge. Your goal is to address their pain points confidently and with enthusiasm! Make your solution complete, but keep it as short and concise as possible. Be sure to reflect their words back to them so they know you were listening. Ask them if your solution has addressed all their concerns, and then listen.  

The more you engage a potential client, the more they will see you are sincere in your efforts to find a solution. Once you’ve arrived at a solution to address their needs, present your pricing with conviction. Reiterate your value and the value of your services, and finish with excitement. “Let’s get started! I can take a credit card or send you a payment link, which do you prefer?” ‘hug’ out objections If you do encounter objections, keep your emotions in check. Remember, their objection is less about you and more about their perception.

Forge ahead with confidence and give them a hug (my HUG Objection Formula):

Have to ask! If your potential client says they need to check with someone else, it simply means they either lack trust in themselves to follow through or aren’t sure you can get them the results they need. Ask questions to make it crystal clear that you can! Example: “I can understand running it by your (spouse, partner, etc.). Let me ask, do you feel I’m the right person for the job? Do you have any questions I haven’t addressed?”

Undervalue You/Your Service! If your potential client balks at your pricing, they are undervaluing you or your service. It’s time to prove the tremendous value of what you provide. Circle back to their needs and be sure you’ve addressed each one thoroughly — prove that you ARE the right choice. Example: “Let me make sure I’m understanding your needs.”

Gotta Think About It! If your potential client asks for time to think about their decision, they may be feeling overwhelmed. This is your chance to point out that their overwhelm is just ONE of the things you are ready and willing to help them with. And the sooner they get started, the sooner you can help. Example: “Isn’t that why you called me? Let me do my job and take this burden off your plate.”

Wrap It Pp

The sales conversation is just that — a conversation. By walking into any conversation with confidence, you already have a huge advantage. Remember, your confidence in yourself and the services you provide is essential to your success in sales and business in general.    

This formula for sales success has brought me much success in my own business. I have watched it work over and over again with my coaching clients. And now it’s your turn — use it in your business to uplevel your sales game.    

There’s more floundering at the most pivotal point of your presentation. If you need help getting clear on your sales conversation, or handling client objections, hop on my calendar for a business strategy call: (nancyganzekaufer.com/consult).

Together, we’ll help you gain the clarity you need to skyrocket your sales and business success!

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