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Design Coaching Center: Attraction & Marketing

What are the keys to attracting and retaining your ideal clients?

By Nancy Ganzekaufer
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What are the keys to attracting and retaining your ideal clients? I get that question a LOT. In a nutshell, my answer is...

  • Make yourself known to your ideal clients
  • Create a memorable business persona for yourself
  • Become the go-to expert for your ideal clients


Sounds pretty easy on the surface. But in my years of coaching, I’ve seen clients overcomplicate the process time and time again. It’s easy to get sidetracked and “lost in the weeds” when turning these ideas into actions.

But I’m here to tell you — it does NOT need to be such a challenge! By applying the principles of attraction marketing, you can transform yourself, your business and your brand seamlessly. I’ve done this successfully for myself and for a ton of clients.

Let’s dive into the actionable steps YOU can take to ignite this transformation in your own business.


Hello World!

Creating the right elevator pitch is the best way to put yourself out there with clarity. When asked what you do, your opening sentence is one of the keys. It can either kill the conversation or open it up for further sharing and engagement. And of course, your elevator pitch should be clear and concise.

It should also explain who you are, who you serve, how you do it, why you do it and why you enjoy it. Pull it all together — and boom! — you have a clear and concise elevator pitch that can be used at networking events, on your website and on your social media platforms.

The great thing is that creating your elevator pitch doesn’t cost you a thing except a few minutes of your time. And I have a quick formula you can follow to make the process super-efficient. I call it “Your Business in Words,” and you can download a free copy from my Business Building Boutique. In this free resource, I use myself as an example to help you create your own fabulous elevator pitch — so check it out!

Once you feel satisfied with your pitch, it’s time to take the next step — developing a memorable business persona.


Making Memories

Memories are created from experiences. The frequency and value of the experiences you share with your audience determine how memorable you become to them. And your authenticity (you, being uniquely YOU) keeps your potential clients coming back for more.

The things that are unique to you make you even more memorable. Two things that make me different as a coach are my Long Island, New York, accent and my direct, no-nonsense approach to obstacles. The more value you provide, the more memories you will make for your audience (and your
ideal clients).

As with any relationship, the more you nurture your potential clients, the more they will engage. So, show up often and share information your ideal client will find beneficial. Be present, talk about what you love, talk about your business, talk about your life and your past...just be sure to talk directly to your ideal client when you share.


The Obvious Choice

By providing frequent, valuable and enticing knowledge about what you do, how you do it, and the results of what you do, your potential ideal clients get to see how smart and knowledgeable you are. You can...

  • Share content that your ideal client wants on your personal and business Facebook pages.
  • Join Facebook groups where your ideal clients “hang out” and engage with them.
  • Offer a valuable free download or free training on your website that will help your ideal client.
  • Go LIVE on Facebook or Instagram and share beneficial tips for your ideal client.


When done authentically, you present yourself as attractive and relatable, fostering a sense of loyalty to your brand. Remember, people buy YOU before they buy your services. You have a story to tell, so by all means TELL it! Share your life experiences in a genuine way. Become the one that your ideal clients feel they already know before ever talking to you.

Make yourself the obvious choice! Through all the value you provide to your audience, you set yourself apart as an industry expert. You become the one your ideal client thinks of first when considering the products and/or services you provide. When your ideal client is ready to act, they will know EXACTLY who to hire!

To help get you started using attraction marketing to find and engage with your ideal client, I have a gift for you! If you're a subscriber of Furniture, Lighting, and Decor, I’m giving you access to my new Attraction Marketing course (a $2K value) at no charge. Grab your copy today to start attracting and retaining your ideal clients!

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