Home Design Business Think Tank: A Focus on Profit for Designers and Retailers

Our next Home Design Business Think Tank takes place on Tuesday May 17 with Gail Doby and Monday May 24 with Bob Phibbs. Read on to register!

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Home Design Business Think Tank, Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor, Gail Doby
Learn profit-maximizing strategies from our experts and panels.

Home Design Business Think Tank: All About the Benjamins

As a home furnishings retailer or interior designer, one of your primary goals in business is to turn a profit. We’ve put together a Home Design Business Think Tank this May that will feature experts who can teach you strategies designed to maximize those profits and the real-life success stories of designers and retailers who are using them. 

Designers, reserve your spot to hear from Gail Doby on May 17, 2021

Retailers, reserve your spot to hear from The Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs on May 24, 2021


*Sponsored by Hooker Furniture.


Designer Specific: Your Creative Value Blueprint with Gail Doby

Join us May 17 for a one-on-one conversation with Interior Design Business Coach Gail Doby 11:00 AM ET, who will share her steps to creating your Creative Value Blueprint and getting paid what you're worth. 

Later on May 17 (2:00PM ET), join us for a dialog with interior designers Gail has worked with to see how Creative Value Blueprint practices have helped them raise the bar in their businesses. Participants: Gail Doby, George Brazil, Partner at Sagrera Brazil Design; Leann Baker, Leann Baker Interiors; Vicky Serany, Founder/Principal Designer at Southern Studio Interior Design; and Becky Charton, Owner/Designer at Table Setters Inc. Moderated by Furniture, Lighting & Decor EIC Diane Falvey.

George Brazil, Vicky Serany, Becky Charton, Leeann Baker, Gail Doby
Clockwise from top left: George Brazil, Vicky Serany, Leeann Baker, Becky Charton.


Retailers: Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor Shares His Profit-Making Tips

Join us May 24 for a one-on-one conversation (12:00PM ET) with Bob Phibbs — aka the Retail Doctor — to learn best practices for closing those sales, how to turn shoppers into loyal repeat customers and tips for training your staff to connect with customers in a meaningful way.


That same afternoon, we’ll chat with retailers who’ve experienced business growth after putting Bob’s strategies into place. (2:00PM ET) Panelists to be Announced.


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