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The Journey to Brand Loyalty

In retail, the journey to brand loyalty begins with a single purchase.

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If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then in retail, the journey to brand loyalty begins with a single purchase. To cultivate a customer base that is loyal to your brand, there are steps that should be taken to get you there. Digital marketing firm Yes Marketing surveyed 1,000 shoppers to gauge their relationships with brands. Read on for insight into how first-time shoppers can become life-long customers.




Because price is the number one factor consumers consider when shopping with a new company, consider offering a discount for first-time customers.

Customers conditioned by the likes of Amazon expect and prefer convenient shipping options. Offering free shipping or free same-day in-store pickup can help reel in a new customer.




Customers stick with brands that relate to them, so be sure your brand messaging is always relevant to the consumer. Track engagement to see what messages customers are connecting with and which might not apply.

Customers are always gathering feedback, and 58 percent are influenced by reviews even after the first purchase. Because reviews are less important than before the first purchase, it’s important to gain their trust as they are more likely to make decisions based on their experience.




Quality and price drive loyalty, so focusing on those items in your messaging (and in your service) will help keep customers coming back. 

Rewarding loyal customers with discounts, exclusive access and other promotions will give them an incentive to return. 

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