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Retail Education

Home furnishings and lighting retailers face many challenges in this ever-changing economy. From new consumer expectations to online competition, today's retailers work hard to ensure their customers have access to on-trend products and great customer service. In this section, you'll find all things retailing — news, features, analysis and tools — needed to make your retail business a success.

LSA Levar augmented reality
The LSA has partnered with LEVAR to introduce augmented reality ecommerce.

Lighting Showroom Association Launches Augmented Reality Program

LEVAR, a leading provider of augmented reality (AR) and 3D "view in your space" technologies, and the Lighting Showroom Association (LSA), have announced the launch of their partnership platform to…
cheryl kees clendenon headshot
Cheryl Kees Clendenon


Designers talk incessantly about how to manage selling product and ensuring the sales are going through their firm. Social media forums, seminars and market talks are rife with the angst and nail-…

Crafting Your Business Brand Across Channels

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, online retail sales reached $5 trillion in 2021, double the revenue from digital retail in 2018. While the majority of consumers continue to prefer…
Retail tips for selling on social
Hootsuite shares retail tips for selling on social media.

4 Retail Tips for Selling on Social Media

You’re likely already connecting with your customers on social media platforms. Is it time to take those interactions to the next level and use social media as another sales outlet? Whether it’s to…
JuniperMarket Webinar
Join Mary Moore and Diane Falvey for a conversation about how JuniperMarket can help streamline your business.

JuniperMarket 101 Webinar: Streamline Your Business

The right digital tools can streamline wholesale buying and ease you into your retail future. Mary Moore, owner of The Cook's Warehouse and SVP Operations for Juniper, tells us how she uses the…

Retail in the Pandemic Era

In 2020, COVID-19 shifted the home furnishings landscape worldwide. With variants still forcing retailers to navigate the unpredictable, traditional sales tactics may be less effective than they were…
Digital Catalog Creation
These tools can help you create digital catalogs

Create Digital Catalogs with These Tools

With abundant information available online, customers access digital content on a daily basis. While websites and social media provide platforms for engagement, creating a digital commerce catalog…

Aperture Platform Delivers On-Demand Product Photos

Outward, Inc., an independent Williams-Sonoma Inc. company, has recently completed its first Aperture Platform installation at Hoot Judkins Furniture, the Bay Area's largest wood furniture store.  “…
manufacturer rep relationships
How can your rep partners help your business?

Maximizing Manufacturer Rep Relationships

Retailing is all about building relationships, the right relationships — with your customers, with the people in the community who can support and help you market your business and with your vendors…
Visual Generation - stock.adobe.com
Visual Generation - stock.adobe.com

8 Tips to Increase Retail Profit Margins

Retailers’ profit margins have been more relevant than ever lately. It all started with curbside pickup, the only way many stores could sell their products during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, some…
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