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Kichler Keeps Customers Informed During Coronavirus Crisis

As customers continue to shelter in place, Kichler is providing inspiration and information to customers and end-users via its digital tools.

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In our Behind the Scenes blog series, we're asking designers, retailers and manufacturers to share insight about their operations and inspiration. Kichler shared how they're responding to the coronavirus crisis, continuing to serve their customers with products and design inspiration. Read on to learn how.

How is Kichler Lighting reaching out to its distributor customers as everyone shelters in place?

On a weekly basis Kichler Lighting is releasing training information to our customers. Some of the information is new, other videos confirm current products and practices. In addition, the Kichler website is updated to include new information that will be of value to the consumer.

What’s happening on the Kichler website?

We are helping the end-user establish an effect in their space through an inventive and interactive approach. The user selects a room and a mood, then the lighting is adjusted within the image to allow them to experience that mood.

Calming Aura is designed to help people relax and decompress from a busy life. Romantic Glow defines the subtle glow of candlelit evenings while Energetic Brilliance is that which we experience in the crisp, bright morning light. Focused Intensity spotlights a key element of a room and Natural Radiance borrows the mastery of Mother Nature’s approach to light. We feel that most consumers need some visual assistance to aid them in imagining lighting effects in their home, and this tool helps them to do so

What about some other tips for consumers?

To supplement the lighting effects inspiration and help bring a more mature approach to lighting the home, we have included information on Light Layering, whereby light is introduced into the space in three methods, ambient, or general light, task lighting and accent, or decorative lighting. The ambient layer provides an even, overall delivery of light and the task is specifically placed to aid in the performance of a job or recreation. Accent lighting should be considered the jewelry of the room. It adds to the space and serves as a finishing touch. It is the aspect that people will remember when they walk into a home. Employing light layering will set a room and a home aside from all the others. For more information, visit our website at: https://www.kichler.com/tips-guides/indoor-lighting-guide/light-layering/ to learn more.

Are there any practical tips available on the Kichler website?

Absolutely! Kichler.com is home to an array of tips, guides and inspiration. Whether its planning and selecting lighting for a particular space, guidance on installations, or cleaning and maintenance of a consumer’s new lighting, there is plenty of content to help consumers through the lighting selection process.

Are there ways that social media activity can help in these unusual times?

The “hesitant” DIY’er has gained confidence during this time and is undertaking small projects with the aid of “how to” content across a variety of platforms and sources. There is likelihood the momentum will continue as people may tackle more challenging projects and encourage their friends, family or followers to “try it themselves.” Kichler Lighting is here to support homeowners on their DIY journey through tips and inspiration shared across our social channels.

How can your customers learn about what projects, influencers or personalities are using Kichler products?

We definitely encourage designers and customers to follow Kichler Lighting’s social channels where we highlight engagements with influencers and media personalities that can in turn be reshared. Collaborations such as those seen on our channels add value and depth to our overall marketing approach and messaging strategy.

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