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May Think Tank Series Focuses on Brand Messaging, Communication

From understanding how your message needs to evolve to how best to communicate with your clients and potential clients, our virtual May Think Tank series shares expert and peer insights for successful brand messaging now and moving forward. 

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Home Design Business Think Tank Nancy Ganzekaufer Melissa Galt
The Home Design Business Think Tank for May is all about brand messaging.

Whether just starting out or a veteran in your design or home furnishings business, the brand message you convey to your customers/clients changes often. Take the time we’re living through now. Are you offering new services? Are you trying to bring your customers online? Changes to your business mean changes to your brand message. 

This month, Furniture, Lighting & Decor, in conjunction with IMC's Virtual High Point Market, is bringing you a deep dive into authentic brand messaging and how to communicate that message now and in the future. 

In this interactive webinar series, you’ll hear from experts — Nancy Ganzekaufer and Melissa Galt —  and your retail and design peers on what’s essential to your brand message and how to communicate with your customers/clients through various channels, keeping them connected to you when it’s back to business as usual.

Please register for each session. There will be recordings of each panel to review as well.


Part 1: Crafting Your Brand Message

As independent home furnishings retailers and interior designers, you have a niche, an aesthetic, a passion… something unique that sets you apart and resonates with those who do business with you. What’s the message you need to share now to connect with your customers? What do you need to understand about them so you can create that targeted connection? In this first week of our May Think Tank series, we’re bringing you the insights and strategies for crafting an authentic and effective message to help your customers/clients connect and look forward to communications from your brand.

Tuesday, May 12, 3:00 PM (ET): We talk with Business Coach Nancy Ganzekaufer about identifying your core customer, crafting that authentic message and how to convey it. Worksheet for  evaluating your brand messaging included. WATCH ON DEMAND VIDEO HERE 


FLD Think Tank

Thursday, May 14, 3:00 PM (ET): Interior designers and home furnishings retailers share their experiences with brand messaging and how they’ve evolved over the years. Join interior designers and designer/retailers to see how they've crafted their messages. Panelists include: Nicole Cole, Vestige Home; Jeffrey Fisher, Jeffrey Fisher Home; Jamie Merida, Bountiful Home; Lauren Wylonis, Kingshaven. WATCH ON DEMAND VIDEO HERE  


Part 2: Communicating, Connecting with Clients

Often, your passion for what you do is conveyed in expression, vocal and facial. In today’s environment, where in-person connection is limited, how are you continuing to connect with your clients/customers to stay connected, and share that you are there for them?  In this week’s seminars, learn the best way to use various communication methods to connect with your clients and potential clients and how your brand message needs to be adjusted for each. 

Tuesday, May 19, 3:00 PM (ET): Interior Designer, Business Coach and Author Melissa Galt shares her expertise on communicating and connecting with your clients in a one-on-one conversation designed to offer insights and strategies for creating the most effective connections. Worksheet for evaluating,  honing and scheduling your customer/client communications. WATCH ON DEMAND VIDEO HERE 

Thursday, May 21, 3:00 PM (ET): Interior designers share their communication experiences, detailing the strategies they’ve used to stay connected, and tips that can be incorporated in your business now and in the future. Panelists include: Goff Christian, Goff Designs; Kimberly Coffman, Fine Art Interiors; and Jenna Wedemeyer, Jenna Wedemeyer Design. WATCH ON DEMAND VIDEO HERE


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