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Modsy Calculates the Top Interior Design Trends on Instagram

From Farmhouse to Traditional, what interior design styles reign in Instagram hashtags?

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Top 15 interior design trends on instagram from Modsy
Modsy has tallied the top interior design trends on Instagram.

A study conducted by online interior design platform Modsy that looked into more than 300 popular interiors hashtags and compared them to average monthly Google search volumes has revealed the top 15 interior design styles with Farmhouse, Bohemian/Boho and Modern topping the rankings.

While Boho steals the top spot in terms of Instagram posts under its hashtag, according to the Modsy report — with more than 23.5 million — Farmhouse ranks first on the list due to its Google search popularity with interiors fans racking up 75,600 monthly searches.

According to the interior design platform, Instagram touts more than 90 million posts under the hashtag #InteriorDesign and has become a popular source of interior design inspiration. The platform took a deep dive into the data, looking at more than 300 popular hashtags and comparing them to average monthly Google search trends, to uncover which Instagram interior styles really are the most popular in real homes.

The top five interior design styles on Instagram according to Modsy's ranks are as follows: Farmhouse, Bohemian/Boho, Modern, Rustic and Scandinavian. Read on for insights and more on the interior design styles trending on Instagram.

1. Farmhouse

Modsy Instagram Farmhouse


What it is: Simple and understated, the Farmhouse style is classic and elegant, yet its cozy furnishings and soft textures make it warm and inviting.

Modsy's VP of style, Alessandra Wood, explains how to incorporate Farmhouse style in your home: "Farmhouse style is easy to implement in any space. The key things that define this style are high-contrast neutral colors, layered textures, and natural wood."

"To get the look, start with a comfortable base, such as a light, neutral colored sofa with plush pillows; choose something that makes you want to curl up and read a book. Add elements that have a slightly vintage feel, such as a wooden chest for your coffee table. Then, layer in lots of textures including rattan or jute in your rugs, baskets, or accent pieces. Layers of different textures will give your space depth, even with a neutral color palette. Finally, add contrasting elements such as black metal lighting fixtures and a few dark pops of color in your pillows or art."

2. Bohemian/Boho

Modsy Instagram Bohemian


What it is: Organic elements and global patterns, along with woven textures are crucial components of Boho design. 

Modsy's VP of style, Alessandra Wood, explains how to incorporate Boho style in your home: "To create a Boho look in your space, opt for slouchy seating – sofas and chairs that are low to the floor and more organically shaped. Choose an eclectic mix of furniture, especially pieces that are made of weathered wood with carved details." 

"Once you’ve created your Boho base, layer in classic global elements. Wall tapestries are a must for Boho interiors as they add texture, pattern, and create softness. Opt for colorful pillows in global patterns, such as Shibori, as well as pillows with fringe and tassels. Finally, incorporate poufs and floor pillows for less formal seating.”

3. Modern

modsy instagram modern

What it is: Modern is a catch-all term for a number of trending design styles including styles that draw inspiration from Scandinavian and transitional roots. Clean lines are essential, along with natural finishes such as concrete, wood, and leather upholstery.

Modsy's VP of style, Alessandra Wood, explains how to incorporate Modern style in your home: "If you’re looking to create a Modern interior, you’ll want to focus on creating a clutter-free space that feels clean and crisp. Choose upholstered furniture pieces with a tailored shape that have squared edges, as opposed to those with loose cushions or slouchy fabric. Right angles and sharp corners help create the clean-lines so often sought after in Modern interiors.

Opt for a more neutral color palette with subtle pops of color in art and accessories. Large scale, abstract art is a great way to create a focal wall and reduce visual clutter, lending a cleaner feel to the space. Also, consider choosing solid-colored pillows and a rug with a large-scale pattern.”

Check out the full Modsy Ranking here. 

modsy interior design instagram ranking


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