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Pindler Highlights 'Clean' Performance Textile Technologies

During this time when "clean" fabric options are desirable, decorative home textile wholesaler Pindler is showcasing its range of options designed to provide easy cleaning and antimicrobial properties.

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Pindler textiles Alta Antimicrobial
Alta Antimicrobial treatment is available on virtually all Pindler fabrics.

Pindler, a decorative fabric wholesaler,  is showcasing technologies designed to keep surfaces cleaner and easier to clean, the company says. These easy-to-clean fabrics and fabrics with anti-microbial properties add a level of protection designed for safer environments, particularly at this time. Pindler recommends the following fabric options for cleaner environments, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.

Alta™ Antimicrobial

(available as an add-on to virtually all Pindler fabrics)

Alta™ antimicrobial is the latest technology combining high-level repellency with a safe, EPA-registered antimicrobial. Alta repellency technology improves the surface energy of the textile, creating repellency to water- and oil-based liquids, dust, and airborne particulates. The antimicrobial integrates with the Alta repellency to eliminate microbes, bacteria, fungus and mold upon contact. The combination of Alta repellency and antimicrobial insures a textile is highly cleanable, while reducing odors and microbes between cleanings. Alta antimicrobial can be applied to all types of textiles and fibers without affecting hand or shade. 

Bleach Cleanable Sunbrella® 

Sunbrella® fabrics are made in the USA with solution-dyed fibers and yarns, which makes them colorfast and highly resistant to chemicals and UV light. As a result, Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned, sanitized or disinfected with bleach and other chemicals without fear of color loss or degradation. Disinfecting or sanitizing often require the use of strong chemicals that might damage other fabrics, but Sunbrella fabrics have been proven to repeatedly withstand these chemicals, and cleaning in this manner does not void Sunbrella’s comprehensive warranty. In addition to Sunbrella, Pindler carries a large selection of other solution-dyed/bleach-cleanable branded fabrics.

Sunbrella Bleach Cleanable fabric

NuLeather Vinyl 

NuLeather has been engineered with the highest quality polycarbonate resins and is designed with the maximum strength and durability required for most demanding environments. NuLeather has antibacterial properties that inhibit the spread of most germs. Additionally, these vinyl fabrics are bleach cleanable (5:1 ratio of water to bleach), which provides an added disinfecting solution for peace of mind. With color options galore, you’re sure to find the perfect shade for your project. Pindler also has additional upcoming vinyl introductions that will fall into this category — stay tuned.

Pindler NuLeather  


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