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Pindler Dreamweaver Home Decor Fabric Collection
Dreamweaver from Pindler comes in a variety of patterns and colors.

Pindler Introduces Dreamweaver Home Decor Fabric Collection

Pindler has unveiled the Dreamweaver Collection, adding to the company's range of home decor fabric offerings. This collection showcases four distinctive and easy-to-use multicolored, geometric woven…

Pindler launches its new Exclusive Pendleton Collection with Sunbrella

Sunlight across the canyons. Mountain vistas from a bird’s eye view. Rich layers of Canyonlands.  The new Exclusive Pendleton Collection introduction continues the story of those who walked the land…
Pindler Refined Recycle Collection
The new eco-conscious Pindler fabrics include five designs.

Pindler Launches Refined Recycle Textile Collection

Pindler has introduced its new, exclusive Refined Recycle Collection, which gives designers an earth-conscious option, offering fabrics made through a process that uses less energy, less water and…
Pindler 75th Anniversary
Pindler celebrates 75 years in business in 2022.

Pindler Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Pindler, an international wholesaler of decorative fabrics, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. The company will be honoring this milestone throughout 2022 as it commemorates its history…
Pindler fabrics and En Vogue Trim
Pindler has introduced new fabric collections and En Vogue trims.

Pindler Debuts New Textile, En Vogue Trim Collections

Pindler, an international decorative fabrics wholesaler, has launched a grouping of new exclusive fabric prints and a new En Vogue trim collection. The prints and trims are now available to the…
Pindler textiles Alta Antimicrobial
Alta Antimicrobial treatment is available on virtually all Pindler fabrics.

Pindler Highlights 'Clean' Performance Textile Technologies

Pindler, a decorative fabric wholesaler,  is showcasing technologies designed to keep surfaces cleaner and easier to clean, the company says. These easy-to-clean fabrics and fabrics with anti-…

Pendleton by Sunbrella Now Available Exclusively Through Pindler

Pindler, an industry leader and international wholesaler of decorative fabrics, now offers the new Pendleton by Sunbrella collection of fabrics. The collection continues unfolding stories of the…
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