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Furniture, Lighting & Decor Panels at High Point Market
Read on to see who's on what panel and find the topics you want to sign up for

Plan Your High Point Market with Furniture, Lighting & Decor Hosted Panels

Furniture, Lighting & Decor editors will moderate panels at the fall 2019 High Point Market in High Point, NC, held Oct. 19-23. The panels will cover topics including design trends, product…

High Point Market Authority Accepting Submissions for Fall Market 2019 Design Bloggers Tour

The High Point Market Authority (HPMA) has partnered again with Esteem Media to develop a Design Bloggers Tour for the 2019 Fall Market, Oct. 19 to 23, and is now accepting submissions from bloggers…

Luxury Products Group Launches Social Media Tool

Luxury Products Group has added new tools to help showrooms differentiate themselves from their local competition. The newest member benefit provides social media articles and posts for showrooms to…
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Baby Boomers and Gen Xers Are On Social Media Too. Here's How to Find Them.

For many retailers and interior designers, Baby Boomers and Generation Xers make up the majority of their clientele. So why focus on a social media strategy if only Millennials and Gen Zers use these…
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How to Remember to Post on Social Media

How often has this scenario happened to you? You plan to post something to Facebook as soon as you get to your showroom office. But once you get there, a sales associate asks you a question. Then a…

Highlights from the 2018 Design Bloggers Conference

The 2018 Design Bloggers Conference brought design lovers and bloggers from all across the U.S. (and the globe really) to Los Angeles for a three-day event. From March 4-6, attendees gathered at the…
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The Complete Digital Marketing Reference Guide for Small Businesses

In the March issue of Lighting & Decor, we're laying out a four-step plan to help lighting and home furnishings retailers and interior designers build a solid digital marketing strategy — a…
Social media Lighting & Decor social media fatigue
So many social media accounts, so little time. Don't let social media fatigue bog you down. Check out our helpful tips.

How to Fight Social Media Fatigue

When it comes to social media postings, you have the best intentions for your business. In the New Year, you promise you'll post every day. You swear you'll start taking more photos for Instagram.…
Sometimes automating your thinking can do wonders for your social media posts. Here's how. (Photo: magicatwork via Flickr)

How to Automate Social Media — Without Losing Your Voice

When social media automation first came out, the posts were somewhat laughable. They sounded robotic, and it was easy to spot when a real person was actually doing the posting in real time. Nowadays…
A good social media manager is an investment in your business. Learn what to look for when hiring one. (Photo: Mike MacKenzie via Flickr)

What to Look for in a Social Media Manager

When social media marketing first became popular, many businesses passed their social media accounts to the youngest person on their staff or in their families and said, "Here, you know how to do…