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Home Care Suite ADU
All the comforts of home in a tiny space: The Casita design from Home Care Suites is a 500-square-foot unit that has a full-size kitchen as well as a washing machine/dryer closet.

The Suite Solution

In the Tampa Bay area of Florida, affordable housing may be difficult to find, but plenty of pools have their own homes. As a general contractor and President and founder of Goldsborough Company in…
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Baby Boomers and Small-Space Living

Millennials love small spaces. Baby Boomers love big spaces. Right? Maybe not. This spring, Lighting & Decor conducted a reader survey to see how retailers viewed small-space living. When asked…
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Who to Watch Today

Welcome to Consumer Snapshot, where we dissect generational behaviors to help you sell your products and services more effectively. As a primer to what we’ll be covering in this department, we’ve…
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