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Dome Deco

Vases from Dome Deco

Dome Deco features introduces natural tableware and vases in organic neutral tones. www.domedeco.us ATL-B1 15-A6; Juniper

Dome Deco Lugano Sofa

The absence of back cushions and the large armrests are the main characteristics of the sleek and contemporary look of the Lugano sofa from Dome Deco. Its refined details and sophisticated appearance…

Space to Grow: Planters

As indoor and outdoor spaces continue to blend, planters offer a stylish accent for natural design elements.   The Faceted banded bronze container from Global Views is made from porcelain and…

Ambiente Report

Ambiente is the world’s leading consumer goods trade fair. Held annually in Frankfurt, Germany, it’s among the must-see events on every serious trendspotter’s calendar. Over five days in February,…
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