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Philips Hue

Control4 operating system
Smart home operating systems, like Control4, manage lighting, security, entertainment, furniture and more throughout a home.

Smart Home Technology and a Healthy Lifestyle

Smart home technology can offer end users the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Whether the technology is exhibited in furniture, lighting or anywhere else in the home, when a person is more…
Raleigh Sheraton lobby
This Sheraton lobby in Raleigh, NC, embodies the design aesthetics that Senior Design Manager Brittney Hepler (pictured above) and her team strive to create for each Sheraton property.

Remaking the Guest Experience

Anyone questioning residential design’s impact on the hospitality industry needs to take a closer look at the transformation currently underway at Sheraton Hotels & Resorts. At the recent BDNY…
The new Amazon Echo Show is just one reason. (Photo: Amazon)

3 Reasons Why 2018 Is the Year of the Smart Home

The year 2018 is expected to be the year of the smart home — the year consumers finally embrace the true smart home movement — and there's good reason to see why. LED bulbs are coming down in price…
WAC Lighting Aether 3.5 LED downlights in multiple colors
WAC's new illumenight app can control its Aether 3.5 LED downlights and its line of outdoor landscape lighting.

What’s to Come: IoT and Smart Lighting

The future of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart lighting is bright. Information research and analytics provider IHS Markit predicts the residential market for connected lighting will grow from $…
Amazon Echo Dot connected furniture smart technology
Is the Amazon Echo Dot connected technology or smart technology?

Smart vs. Connected: What's the Difference?

The average home has 24 electronic devices, and almost all of them are connecting with the internet. So with that logic, all of us are living in smart homes, right? Well not quite. Although a lot of…
These smart lamps will revolutionize home lighting.
These smart lamps will revolutionize home lighting.

Sit Back and Relax! 4 Smart Lamps that Do It All

In every well-appointed lighting design, there are the doers (think recessed ceiling fixtures and undercabinet LEDs) and those like that retro torchiere in the corner or the demure lamp on the…

State of Controls

Lighting control systems on the market today are easier to use than ever before, plus provide added layers of security and customizability for homeowners. Eaton Z-Wave collection Eaton’s Wiring…
Lighting Science's Awake & Alert LED bulbs and box
Lamps like Lighting Science's Awake & Alert LED lamps are making a major impact on lighting.

Connect the Bulbs

Nowadays, light bulbs do more than just illuminate: They save energy and long-term cost; communicate with your Wi-Fi network; aid in home security; and even help to regulate circadian rhythm, all the…
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