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Resource Furniture

New Resource Furniture Showroom in Los Angeles
Resource Furniture recently expanded its LA showroom. The expansion includes a new building on the property, doubling the showroom’s size to allow for the brand’s newest furniture pieces, indoor-outdoor space and tons of parking (a huge perk for LA). Photo by Hazelnut Photography

Resource Furniture Doubles Footprint in Los Angeles

Resource Furniture has unveiled its expanded, newly renovated Los Angeles showroom, located at 314 North Crescent Heights Blvd. The opening marks the expansion to two buildings on the property,…

Resource Furniture Introduces Kintai Transforming Sofa

Resource Furniture, the leader in transformable, multi-functional furnishings, announces Kintai, a modern modular sofa defined by its unique sculptural shape. The plush, deep-seat sofa floats above a…

Resource Furniture Announces 2023 Promotions and Role Changes

Resource Furniture, the leader in transformable, multi-functional furnishings, is pleased to announce seven promotions and role changes across multiple departments and levels, fortifying and…
The Circe Board
The Circe Board from Resource Furniture can be a wall desk by day and fold down to reveal a bed at night, helping to create separate work and home environments in one space.

Small Space Furnishings With Purpose

In urban settings, small space living is a matter of supply and demand. As young — often single — people flock to cities, larger homes sit vacant while studio apartments are scarce. Cities and…
Photos Courtesy of Echo Design + Architecture

Designing Small

When space is limited, interior designers need to pull out all the stops to find great furniture and storage solutions. Ajay Chopra, founding principal of Echo Design + Architecture, believes in…
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