Kingsdown Mattress Blue Zone
The new Kingsdown mattress collection is inspired by Blue Zones around the world.

Kingsdown Debuts Blue Zone Mattress at Las Vegas Market

Luxury bedding manufacturer, Kingsdown, Inc. has been inspired by the growing sustainability movement and intriguing stories of the earth’s Blue Zones, for its new foam collection set for the Winter…
Pindler Refined Recycle Collection
The new eco-conscious Pindler fabrics include five designs.

Pindler Launches Refined Recycle Textile Collection

Pindler has introduced its new, exclusive Refined Recycle Collection, which gives designers an earth-conscious option, offering fabrics made through a process that uses less energy, less water and…
sustainable living
These steps can help a home be more energy efficient and sustainable.

6 Steps Toward a More Sustainable Home

Interior design in 2022 has seen a greater demand for sustainability than ever before. These environmentally friendly homes include materials sourced ethically, or even salvaged. The choices…

6 eco-friendly decorating ideas for your home this summer

With a huge 94% of Brits saying that buying eco-friendly home products is important to them1, it’s clear that the nation is looking to make conscious efforts to live more sustainably.  With this in…
High Point Market Sustainability Stories
High Point Market Center Stage will highlight sustainability practices during October Market.

Fall High Point Market Center Stage Programming to Spotlight Sustainability

This fall’s High Point Market, scheduled for October 16-20, will shine a spotlight on sustainability through an immersive, inspirational activation called “Sustainability Stories.” Exploring the home…
Gat Creek table
Domestic manufacture and the use of local woods are some of the ways Gat Creek lowers its carbon footprint.

Consumer Awareness Drives Home Furnishings Sustainability Efforts

As consumers pay attention to wellness in their homes — COVID has further elevated that focus — sustainability has again taken on an urgency in consumer purchases, including home furnishings. Whether…
Laurence Carr, Holistic Design and Sustainability
Laurence Carr talks about the importance of holistic design, including sustainability.

The Effects of Holistic Spaces and Sustainability on Mental Health

With increasing popularity in the design scene, holistic interior design is one of the most effective tools an individual can put into practice when striving toward wellness and overall life…
environmental impacts of luxury furnishings
Helen Rutledge, owner of antique shop Bibelot, says mixing antiques like this Georgian Pine Secretary with modern pieces looks fresh and luxurious.

Minimizing Environmental Impact With Eclectic Antique Furniture

With today’s consumer looking more toward the sustainability of the products they purchase, there is more to designing a luxury space than the beauty of the pieces. Clients want to know where their…
Solar panels on building roof
Photo: Carl Attard from Pexels

Podcasting Goes Green: A Q&A with CaraGreen's Jessica McNaughton

For the average consumer, going green means dropping a few cans and papers in a recycling bin and maybe investing in an LED bulb or two, but as Jessica McNaughton, President at sustainable building…

SFC's 2018 #GetYourGreenOn Competition Open

The Sustainable Furnishings Council has announced that its third annual interior design competition, #GetYourGreenOn, is now open. This competition honors interior designers who specify sustainable…