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Shayne Global Holdings

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(Photo: Unsplash user Federica Campanaro)

Changing the Face of Furniture

There’s a changing of the guard taking place in all areas of the furniture business, fueled by a new generation of executives unfettered by family legacy and the “that’s the way we’ve always done it…
Jay Shane
Jay Shane

Stand and Deliver

As noted in a recent Goldman Sachs report, some 65 percent of furniture imported into the U.S. is from China, and a 25 percent tariff imposed on another $200 billion of Chinese goods, including…

Spectra Home Rebrands

Spectra Home is starting High Point Market this week as a thoroughly rebranded company, complete with revamped special-order capabilities, an upgraded warehouse program, a new white glove delivery…

Spectra Home Acquires RowOne

Spectra Home is entering the motion and home entertainment category for the first time this week following the acquisition of RowOne by parent company Shayne Global Holdings. At High Point Market,…
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