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Temple Furniture
Temple Furniture Jackie sofa

Temple Furniture Crafts Quality, U.S.-Made Home Furnishings

What was started in 1962 still carries true today. Temple Furniture builds quality eight-way hand-tied furniture at a valued price. We, the Parker family, are committed each day to build your…
Home Design Business Think Tank
Home Design Business Think Tank Maximizing Profitability

Register for the Home Design Business Think Tank Series: Maximizing Profitability

During this time of coronavirus, it's more important than ever to get creative to attract and connect with the customers and clients that support your design or home furnishings retail business. Get…

Style Board: Upholstered Furniture to Sink Into

Beyond the beauty of the style and textile choices, a lot takes place under the hood of that stunning sofa or chair to ensure a comfortable ride that’s designed to last.  Accent chairs, such as…